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Business continuity planning for drug shortages prevention

Carol Winfield
Business continuity planning for drug shortages prevention

ISPE is pleased to announce that its Drug Shortages Initiative Task Team is launching a new phase of work to focus on business continuity planning for the prevention of drug shortages. We invite your company to participate. The first activity is a benchmarking study that will launch in May 2021 and be used to assess best practices and industry accomplishments in the area of business continuity planning to prevent drug shortages.

Participating companies will receive the benchmarking study results and benefit from a comprehensive view into industry-wide best practices, early awareness of evolving regulations and line-of-sight to the most common challenges that may be impeding progress. Please note that all information gathered in the benchmarking study will be reported in aggregate only.

ISPE’s Drug Shortages Initiative Task Team will use the anonymized benchmarking study outcomes to prioritize and develop activities to further support the industry with improving business continuity planning. Together, we can better understand and build upon the strong foundations already set for preventing drug shortages.

Interested companies are invited to attend informational Q&A sessions to learn more about the benchmarking study and ask questions to help your company participate. Sessions will be scheduled from early May through mid-June. Individuals can elect to attend any or all of the sessions.

Attendance is not limited for these sessions, and they are not required in order to participate in the benchmarking study. However, we recommend that a point of contact within your company be designated to support the benchmarking study and be present for the Q&A sessions as needed.

This new phase of work is part of ISPE’s long-standing commitment to drug shortage prevention. To include your company in the study or for more information, please contact Carol Winfield.