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Be a Contributor to the Women in Pharma at ISPE 

Jennifer Lauria Clark, CPIP
Women in Pharma at ISPE

We are in a current state that leaves us at home, or likely with a bit more time on our hands that may be of help to our Women in Pharma® initiative at ISPE.  We are getting creative on how to keep our membership engaged and would greatly appreciate your help. 

We are asking our colleagues and supporters to help create content for:

We are looking to creating a steady flow of information that will hopefully lead to discussions and idea sharing within our ISPE Women in Pharma Community Page and expand this initiative to include all of the ISPE membership.

Our mission is always at the forefront of what we are trying to accomplish as ISPE Member volunteers.

  • Women in Pharma at ISPE provides women in the pharmaceutical industry a forum connecting and collaborating on technical and career advancement topics. The Women in Pharma inclusive community leverages a network of mentors, role models, and resources across all levels to foster balanced professional success. 

Below is a list of content types and topic ideas. Have an idea on a content type or topic? Let us know in the comments section below.

Content Types

  • Blogs – 800-1000 words
  • Articles – 1500 – 3000 words
  • Discussion topics for the Women in Pharma® Community of Practice

Why Are We Looking for Contributors?

  • To maintain engagement with our Members during the times we cannot physically be together
  • To meet our goals of Women in Pharma® to empower women and engage with them in their professional and personal lives

How Do I Get Involved?

Comment below in the comments section or email the Women in Pharma. Include the following information:

  • Topic
  • Content type
  • Date you would be able to commit to

We will compile the list and start publishing the content accordingly.  We can help with proofreading, images, and final layouts. Content can be from you, your colleagues, your family (my sister’s in the industry – maybe your mom, dad, brother or cousin are too), or anyone that may be interested in writing about content to empower and engage our Women in Pharma Community. 

Topic Ideas

  • Executive Presence
  • Fool-proof Ways to Shatter the Glass Ceiling in Your Leadership
  • How to Thrive in Your Leadership While Maintaining Balance
  • Leadership-Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Up
  • Personal Brand
  • Cultivating effective relationships
  • Balancing Task and People
  • Learning to Listen
  • Overcoming Difficult People
  • Leading with Confidence
  • Managing People Effectively
  • Creating Effective Teams
  • Destination CEO Suite
  • Managing Difficult Conversation
  • The Art of People Management
  • Change Management
  • D&I Strategy
  • Transforming Low-Performing Employees into to High-Performing, Cohesive Teams
  • Effectively Leading Change
  • Communication
  • From Manager to Coach
  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Shift from Management to Leadership
  • Balance Work/Life
  • Engaging Leadership in D&I

Are you looking to connect with the Women in Pharma initiative at ISPE? Here is a list of ways you get involved today:

  • Mentor Circles
  • Breakfast Panel Discussion Sessions
  • Education Sessions focused on Professional Development
  • Women in Pharma Networking Dinners
  • Informal Meetups
  • Local Affiliate and Chapter Events

Comment below or email if you have any questions or are willing to support our content efforts. 

We look forward to working with you!