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2021 Highlights from ISPE Volunteer Spotlight

2021 Highlights from ISPE Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers are the lifeblood of ISPE. Along with staff, they implement the global mission of the Society and produce essential content that benefits the life sciences industry. ISPE values our volunteers’ time and the commitment they make to sharing their knowledge and talents for the good of others. There are numerous ways to get involved with ISPE from serving on a committee to reviewing a Guidance Document. And there are numerous benefits you’ll get from volunteering with ISPE.

You’ll make new connections and expand your professional network. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to stay connected with global industry leaders. The innovative ideas we exchange, the experiences we share, and the opportunities we have to push each other to be better are invaluable – and patients and doctors around the world are the ones who benefit the most.” Lou W. Kennedy, CEO and Owner, Nephron Pharmaceuticals.

You’ll expand your knowledge. “I found a new professional nest in ISPE - experts, colleagues, customers, mentors, friends, and also competitors – and each of them taught me something new. Undoubtedly, it was hard work, but the incredible ISPE network has been essential for a successful working life in pharma,” Teresa Minero, Founder & CEO, LifeBee – Digitalizing Life Sciences.

You’ll find new inspirations. “One of my highlights the last 2 years has been judging the Young Professional /Emerging Leader Hackathon, I was astounded with the technical knowledge, talent, innovation, energy, and enthusiasm- the future of the pharmaceutical industry is ‘safe in their hands’ of our emerging leaders,” Alice Redmond, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer, CAI.

You can become a leader. “You get back what you put in, and the more you put in the more people seek you out for more. Being so deeply involved in GAMP® gave me critical insights in where industry and regulators were heading. By putting in the work, I developed a reputation as a global thought leader for computer systems compliance, which helped me within my company and in dealings with regulators. They didn’t always agree with me, but they listened seriously,” Randy Perez PhD.

Volunteering with ISPE can help your career growth. “Being an active member of ISPE has supported my career growth in so many ways. From a technical point of view, the access to guidance documents and special interest group forums has been invaluable. In addition, the technical content I have seen at ISPE conferences, local affiliate events, and site tours has accelerated my development in technical roles with Pfizer. Even more valuable has been the experience I have gained from an organizational and strategic level. Participating at local, international, and board levels has allowed me to engage with senior leaders from across the pharmaceutical industry and has provided me with many insights into strategic thinking and effective leadership,” John Clarke, Pfizer.

You will be shaping the future the pharmaceutical industry. “In order to move the industry forward, we need everyone’s opinion and everyone’s input, we really need people from different perspectives to come together and look at and discuss what risks are out there, how we can mitigate those risks, and how can we best get these therapies to patients. There is so much new ground to cover in this space,” Erich Bozenhardt, Lead Process Engineer, Regenerative Medicine, United Therapeutics.

You will be helping others. “I am also energized when I mentor women and students, and to date, I have maintained several of those mentoring relationships, some of which have become personal friends. I learn so much from these younger people that I look forward to continuing to give back. I am excited for next opportunity to engage with students and emerging leaders,” Vivianne J. Arencibia, Independent Consultant, Arenciba Quality Compliance Associates.

ISPE can help you find solutions to professional challenges you encounter. “Joining ISPE enhances your technical knowledge and allows you to network and connect with colleagues that have probably already solved the challenges that you have in front of you,” Ferdinando E. Aspesi, PhD, Senior Partner, Bridge Associates International LLC.

A 2022 Resolution: Volunteer More

Looking to dedicate more time to a worthy cause this new year? Become an ISPE volunteer!

We encourage you to explore the many ways you can get involved and share the incredible knowledge and skillset you’ve acquired throughout your career. In turn, we’ll help you expand your professional network, form new connections, and provide resources for professional and personal development.

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