Emerging Leaders Editorial: ISPE Opportunities for Growth in 2024

Monique L. Sprueill, PMP
Monique L. Sprueill, PMP

It is an exciting time to be an ISPE Emerging Leader! With conferences, professional development support, mentorship, and other opportunities, joining ISPE as an Emerging Leader can help boost your career and expand your network.

ISPE Conferences

The 2024 ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, was amazing. As part of the Professional Development Grant Program, approximately 15 students and Emerging Leaders were sponsored by the ISPE Foundation. Travel, accommodations, conference fee, and membership dues (as needed) were covered for grant recipients. Students and recent graduates collaborated and networked during the Hackathon. They built lasting relationships and made connections that may lead to future opportunities.

The Professional Development Grant application process recently opened for the 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo. The conference will take place in Orlando, Florida. Visit ISPE Foundation and submit your application for the Professional Development Grant. Award recipients will be notified in the summer, starting in July.

As we approach the 2024 ISPE Biotechnology Conference in June, there are additional opportunities to gain or enhance skills. Workshops are offered that will highlight new technologies, innovative methods, and state-of-the-art facilities. ISPE members are performing work that will result in better outcomes for and extend the life of patients. As Emerging Leaders, you are an integral part of shaping the future of this industry.

Biologics, Cell and Gene Therapies, and ATMPs

Biologics, cell and gene therapies, and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) will continue to grow and expand to address the needs of patients. ISPE Communities of Practice (CoPs) host forums for industry professionals to discuss advancement, challenges, and lessons learned. These programs allow participants to gain knowledge that will enhance job performance, resulting in more visibility, and open the door to new experiences.

ISPE Mentorships and Opportunities

Are you trying to navigate your career and need some guidance? Are you dealing with a difficult work-related situation and not sure how to manage it? Looking to broaden your understanding of the industry on an international level? Are you thinking about taking a course or getting a certification? ISPE’s Women in Pharma® sponsors a mentor program, Mentor ISPE, that introduces Emerging Leaders to professionals who can help with career development and promotion.

In addition to the Professional Development Grant, the Foundation also provides access to scholarships and internship programs. Donations to the Foundation are used to help students and Emerging Leaders gain skills, experience, and visibility that will drive professional growth. Learn more at

Join ISPE as an Emerging Leader to help boost your career and expand your network. You can network with other professionals, gain a mentor, and take your career to the next level.

Some key advantages of joining Emerging Leaders are:

  • Professional development
  • Access to Emerging Leader member-only resources
  • Opportunities to establish and grow your network
  • Exposure to thought leadership events
  • Participation in Hackathons
  • Career solutions to promote advancement

If you are not a member of ISPE, join today at and:

  • Actively participate in Emerging Leader activities in your local Affiliate or Chapter
  • Gain access to Good Practice Guides and educational resources
  • Join CoPs and connect with other industry professionals
  • Add content, ask questions, and post your ideas on Engage
  • Write a blog or article
  • Talk with your manager and colleagues about presenting your project at a conference or local program

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