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Pharmaceutical Engineering depends on contributions from you, its readers. We’re especially interested in case studies, but we’re also looking for editorials, perspectives, technical articles, and research articles.

If there’s someone whose profile or work should be featured in Pharmaceutical Engineering, let us know! Please contact Anna Maria di Giorgio, Editor in Chief, at amdigiorgio@ispe.org.

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2018 Editorial Calendar

March–April 2018

Editorial Focus: Sustainability
Special report: Facilities of the Future
Bonus Distribution
6 - 7 Mar Aseptic Conference
13 Mar CaSA Life Science
19 - 21 Mar Europe Annual Conference
17 - 19 Apr Interphex
Ads close 19 Jan 2018
Technical articles due 30 Nov 2017
Available online 1 Mar 2018

May–June 2018

Editorial Focus: Outsourcing
Special report: Continuous Manufacturing
Bonus Distribution
4 - 6 Jun Quality Manufacturing Conference
6 - 7 Jun Continuous Manufacturing Conference
Ads close 23 Mar 2018
Technical articles due 15 Dec 2017
Available online 2 May 2018

July–August 2018

Editorial Focus: Technology
Special report: Workforce of the Future
Ads close 17 May 2018
Technical articles due 28 Feb 2018
Available online 26 Jun 2018

September–October 2018

Editorial Focus: Regulatory Trends
Special report: Quality Metrics
Bonus Distribution
26 Sept Boston Product Show
4 - 7 Nov ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo
Ads close 20 Jul 2018
Technical articles due 30 Apr 2018
Available online 29 Aug 2018

November–December 2018

Editorial Focus: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Special report: Biotechnology
Bonus Distribution
2 Dec Biopharmaceutical Leadership Forum
3 - 5 Dec Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference
Ads close 21 Sept 2018
Technical articles due 30 Jun 2018
Available online 31 Oct 2018

* Dates subject to change

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Technical Article Submission & Review Process

  • All submissions, including artwork and tables, must be original, unpublished work, or you must have reprint permission from the copyright holder.
  • All technical articles must be submitted through Scholar One, our online portal.
  • All technical articles are subject to peer review; author revision is required in most cases.
  • Once published, all articles become the property of ISPE.

For more information about article content and the submission process, refer to our author guidelines.

Editorial Process

  • All submitted articles are reviewed by the PE review board and the Knowledge Network Council. You may also specify other groups and/or individuals.
  • Reviewers’ feedback is compiled and sent to the corresponding author for requested revisions.
  • Corresponding author then submits the revised draft and figures to Scholar One.
  • Revised draft undergoes a thorough editorial review, which is returned to the corresponding author for approval.
  • If any of the associated companies require it, the finished article must go through a legal review. This may delay publication.
  • Publication is not guaranteed until the editor in chief makes a final decision.