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Volume 24, Number 3

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Country Profile: Poland - May/June 2004

by Poland Affiliate
This section takes a look at the pharmaceutical industry in Poland; produced in collaboration with ISPE Poland.

Numerical Simulation of Genetically Modified Corn Pollen Flow

by Brian A. Fricke, Arun K. Ranjan, Deep Bandyopadhyay, Bryan R. Becker
In this article Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software was used to estimate the distances traversed by transgenic corn pollen.

An Alternative Approach to the Modular Design and Construction of Large-Scale Bulk Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

by Gordon Leichter, Lars Turstam
This article discusses an innovative approach for designing and constructing a modular large-scale bulk pharmaceutical facility.

Plants on Demand

by Donald R. Hall
This article explores the likely timeframes available to add capacity under "high, early" sales scenarios, the measures that need to be taken to achieve these schedules, and the impact such measures will have on the capital approval and facility creation process in the supply chain.

Determining When to Use Modular Construction

by Declan Greally, Rodger Edwards
This article evaluates the merits of using modular cleanroom technology for the construction of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Interviews George Fotiades

by George Fotiades

Developing a New Pharmaceutical Facility in Eastern Europe

by Prakash Davda
This case study presents the issues addressed when designing and constructing a pharmaceutical production facility in Eastern Europe.

Installation of Pharmaceutical Process Piping - A Case Study Part 2 - Orbital Welding

by Barbara K. Henon, Stephan E. Muehlberger, Gene DePierro
This article explores current trends in process piping technology including orbital welding SOPs, fabrication techniques, weld documentation, and passivation of stainless steel tubing systems.

Design Considerations For Aseptic Liquid Vial Filling and Lyophilization Operations Within High Containment Isolators - Part 2

by Michael P. DeBellis
This article presents lyophilizer and loading operations, and isolator integration.

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