March / April 2010

Just in Time. An Approach for a cGMP Fill-Finish Facility
by Andrew Cunningham
This article presents a detailed narrative on the design drivers and delivery methodology for Genentech’s recently completed fill-finish facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Design and Optimization of a Large Scale Biopharmaceutical Facility Using Process Simulation and Scheduling Tools
by Abdelaziz Toumi, Carmen Jungo, Mr. Victor Papavasileiou, Mr. Demetri Petrides, Christian Jürgens, Bernd Maier
This article presents a case study focusing on the design and optimization of a large scale biopharmaceutical facility using process simulation and scheduling tools.

“East is East and West is West” – Managing Capital Investment Projects in China
by Jerry Hourihan, Gordon Lawrence
This article presents some helpful “tips and suggestions” regarding building capital projects in China.

PQLI Roadmap: Product Design, Development, and Realization, a Science- and Risk-Based Approach to Implementation – An Overview of ISPE’s First PQLI Guide
by Dr. Christopher Potter, Dr. John Berridge, Contributing Team
This article provides the background and current status of ISPE’s Product Quality Lifecycle Implementation (PQLI®) initiative, including the development of an ISPE PQLI Guide Series.

Improving the Facility Design Engineering Process for Major Capital Projects
by Mr. Joseph Hettenbach, PE
This article discusses design tools for the design of pharmaceutical facilities, management of the design engineering process, and ways to potentially improve the design process, including the application of a “strong front-end design approach.”

Life-Enhancing Biotherapeutics Company Nets Healthier Equipment
by Mr. Kevin Pait, Preston Ingalls
This article shows the impact of an organized and focused continuous improvement effort using teamwork on equipment reliability.

Streamlining of Raw Material and Culture Media Testing and Release for Clinical Manufacturing
by Susan Gibbons, Jocelyn Lazor, Monica Storz, Kelli Pardue, Marshall Gayton, Dr. Beth Junker, Vicky Griffin, Raymond Kaiser
This article presents a Lean/Kaizen team effort to improve raw material and culture media testing and release cycle times for clinical manufacturing campaigns.Departments