January / February 2023

Women in Pharma® Editorial: A Letter from the New WIP International Chair

Vivianne J. Arencibia
Women in Pharma® Editorial: Vivianne J. Arencibia

As a woman of science, I can confidently say that I believe in magic. I believe in the magic that spurs from innovation rooted in desperation, necessity, and determination.

Over the last few years, the world has changed, and 2022 specifically, was a year of remarkable growth, evolution, and adaptation for the global pharmaceutical community. We embraced a new way of collaborating and problem-solving, moving the needle on our collective goal: improving patient lives worldwide.

It’s fair to say that we—the pharmaceutical industry and members of ISPE—got the world back to normal, and as we work to adapt new technologies such as the MRNA vaccine to treat other life-altering ailments, we continue to improve society across borders. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Making Magic Through Women in Pharma®

So, as I said, I believe in magic. And if I could sum up my goals for 2023, it would be to bring that magic into the new year. I am confident this will be done with ease through ISPE’s ever-expanding, ever-evolving Women in Pharma® (WIP) initiative.

As I assume the role of Chair for the Women in Pharma International Steering Committee, I look forward to the challenges and successes we’ll undertake together. Like our industry, Women in Pharma® continues to adapt, evolve, and grow, as demonstrated through WIP’s most recent expansion. Just last year, we witnessed three new Women in Pharma® groups emerge in Malaysia, Japan, and the D/A/CH (German, Austria, and Switzerland) Affiliate. This is incredible, and only enhances the Women in Pharma® program’s 2023 objectives: to elevate our international reach and to break down cultural and geographic barriers.

As we prepare for the coming months, we are excited to launch international engagement opportunities that support our four pillars: personal growth, professional growth, social impact, and Shaping the Future of Pharma™.

Taking on a more granular and collaborative approach to programming, we will generate content and educational resources that reflect the diversity of our member base. Our 2023 efforts will tap into regional developments and market needs while creating a space to better understand cultural nuances, best business practices, and market demands.

We continue to improve society across borders. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Building on the Mission

As we welcome a new Steering Committee and members new and old, we welcome new ideas and topics of conversation. Through Women in Pharma® 2023 programming, you will walk away with confidence, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and a comprehensive understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We look forward to building on our mission to empower women and take it one step further by providing a global stage so that they may share their brilliance and expand their impact. Together we’ll work strategically, intentionally, and collaboratively to tackle unconscious biases in the workplace; connect women with mentors and mentees across cultures, races, and genders; and allow the Women in Pharma® community to foster important partnerships and maximize workplace contributions. We look forward to sharing leadership stories, creating forums for exchange, and discovering new ways to position women as leading experts.

As we ramp up for 2023, we ask that you visit our website at and sign up for our quarterly newsletter, The Bridge, to stay in the know about all Women in Pharma® happenings. We encourage you to connect with the Steering Committee, Women in Pharma® members, and your local Chapter and Affiliate Women in Pharma® liaisons on LinkedIn for quick exchanges and information on upcoming events and opportunities. For program resources, head to ISPE Engage and explore the Women in Pharma community page.

Thank you for your interest in Women in Pharma® and thank you for all you do.