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Uniting Bright Minds at the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

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Uniting Bright Minds at the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

As the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas, NV, USA draws near, anticipation builds among the 110 students and Emerging Leaders from around the world who will be in attendance. These exceptional individuals, who are receiving Professional Development Grants on behalf of ISPE in partnership with ISPE Foundation and the generous contributions from Gilead Sciences, are eagerly preparing to attend ISPE’s most prominent event of the year. In 2023, the ISPE Foundation supported 150+ students and recent graduates attending international ISPE conferences.

The Professional Development Grants are a part of the Foundation’s Scholarships and Grants Fund. Professional Development Grants play a vital role in the ISPE Foundation’s mission to fuel global health equity by fostering access to knowledge and nurturing diverse talent. By attending an ISPE conference, grant recipients not only gain access to a wealth of educational sessions and invaluable networking opportunities, but they also receive a complimentary two-year membership to ISPE. Additionally, the ISPE Foundation hosts an exclusive orientation for the group, where they have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, connect with fellow students and recent graduates, and fully prepare to make the most of the conference.

Recognizing that conference expenses can be a barrier for many students, the 2023 ISPE Student & Recent Graduate Grant generously covers accommodations, meals, In-person All Access Registration, and a two-year ISPE Student Membership, ensuring inclusivity and offering a helping hand to students from all backgrounds as they embark on their journey to success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gilead Sciences, a supporter of the ISPE Foundation, is at the forefront of fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce with a contribution to the ISPE Foundation's Professional Development Grants program. With a decades-long reputation as a pharmaceutical industry leader, Gilead Sciences has been driving groundbreaking advancements for over thirty years, revolutionizing healthcare and advocating for equity. Their life-saving medications have a far-reaching impact, benefiting millions of individuals annually and providing hope to those suffering from otherwise fatal diseases. Joydeep Ganguly, Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations at Gilead Sciences, had this to say about their generous contribution to the ISPE Foundation:

We believe that initiatives like the ISPE Foundation's Professional Development Grants Program are crucial in empowering underrepresented students to pursue careers in pharmaceutical engineering. By investing in their education and professional development, we are creating pathways for future leaders who will contribute to the advancement of innovative solutions that bring transformational medicines to patients worldwide.

Through Gilead Sciences’ support, the ISPE Foundation assisted more than 25 students in the United States, covering their travel and attendance costs. These students, who have been awarded the conference grant, are pursuing STEM-related degrees and are strongly interested in building careers in the pharmaceutical industry. The grant recipients hail from diverse educational backgrounds, encompassing PhD to bachelor's degrees in fields like Chemical Engineering, Microbiology Biotechnology, Computer Science, and Pharmacy. In total, these students will represent 12 of the 50 states and 15 unique colleges.

In addition, a select group of grant recipients were chosen to participate in the highly anticipated 2023 ISPE International Emerging Leader Hackathon. This event, hosted exclusively at the Annual Meeting & Expo and the Europe Annual Conference, provides students an invaluable opportunity to engage in hands-on problem-solving and collaborative teamwork. ISPE shares, “The main objective of a Hackathon is to divulge knowledge, in an innovative situation, on the trending topics of the pharmaceutical sector, and to provide and promote networking opportunities between students, recent graduates, and industry professionals.” This year's Hackathon theme of sustainability perfectly aligns with the ISPE Foundation's mission to achieve global health equity in a lasting and impactful way.

To learn more about the profound impact of the ISPE Foundation’s Professional Development Grant Program on the lives of these promising up and coming professionals, please visit: After the conclusion of the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, you will have the opportunity to explore inspiring testimonials and engaging interviews with grant recipients. Discover how you or your company, like Gilead Sciences, can join forces to support the ISPE Foundation’s essential pillars and programs, including the highly impactful Professional Development Grants. As the pharmaceutical industry evolves, the ISPE Foundation remains committed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Join us today and be a part of creating a lasting impact beyond tomorrow.

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