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Survey: How Does Your Company Dispose of Single-Use Assemblies?

Cristina Van Loy
Survey: How does your Company Dispose of Single-Use Assemblies?

Single-use plastics are critical for healthcare, life sciences laboratories, and bioprocessing. They have many benefits over other materials and their use is increasing. In particular, single-use technologies for bioprocessing decrease costs, reduce water and energy usage, and increase efficiency and scalability. However, most of these high-value, virgin materials end up in landfills and incinerators, rather than being given a second life through recycling.

Do you personally care about sustainability in bioprocessing? Does your company have targets for sustainability?

Last chance to participate! The ISPE Disposables Community of Practice (CoP) Sustainability Sub-team has created a survey to gain your feedback about practices for single-use assemblies disposal and to gather information about how suppliers can work together with end-users to develop sustainable solutions for single-use assembly waste.

Results from the survey will be compiled and summarized to share with the community and help us all work toward achieving our sustainability goals. All responses are anonymous.

If you work with single-use assemblies in your facility and have not responded previously, please take the 10-minute survey. Feel free to share the survey link with supporting functions at your organization so they can also take the survey.

If you already responded to the survey previously, thank you!! If you have not, we would greatly appreciate your input by 30 September 2022.

ISPE Disposables CoP Sustainability Sub-team

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