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Production 4.0 - A Digital Path to Significant Business Improvements

Yvonne Duckworth, PE
Stephen Wing
Production 4.0 - A Digital Path to Significant Business Improvements

There are opportunities abound to transform inefficient production processes from the supply chain through the entire manufacturing process using existing and new digital technologies to significantly enhance overall operational efficiencies. Discover the cutting-edge advancements in these essential business areas at the 2023 ISPE Pharma 4.0™ & Annex 1 Conference being held in Barcelona, Spain and virtually on 11-12 December 2023.

As co-leads of the Production 4.0 Digital Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations Track, Yvonne Duckworth, Digital Technology Group Leader at CRB Group, and Stephen Wing, Head of Analytical & Logistical Services at MilliporeSigma, have assembled an impressive group of industry experts to share details on relevant use cases and innovative solutions covering various aspects of supply chain processes through production operations.

2023 ISPE Pharma 4.0™ and Annex 1 Conference

The track sessions will cover a variety of very interesting and relevant topic areas including:

Delivering a GPG for Container Traceability in 2024

In today's fast-paced world, precision and visibility are more important than ever in modern parenteral manufacturing operations. Incorporating data-based decisions into each process can enhance traditional control strategies, reduce risk, and ultimately improve patient safety. That's why ISPE has brought together a group of 67 industry stakeholders, representing 80% of the manufacturing capacity, to drive innovation and publish a groundbreaking Guidance Document slated for early 2024. In this session, Robert Tod Urquhart, Executive Industry Adviser at CIM A/S, will delve into the wide range of topics across the pharmaceutical supply chain to demonstrate how container traceability can optimize processes and maximize return on investments.

Predictive Inventory in Supply Chain Analytics

In this presentation you will delve into Merck's innovative approach to tackling the common challenge of supply chain resilience. Through advanced forecasting techniques, optimized inventory management, and proactive response strategies, you will see how the team was determined to establish a robust supply chain that not only meets customer expectations but also sustains their competitive edge. During the presentation, Katja Hoppmann,

Senior Project Manager Smart Manufacturing at Merck KGaA will take the audience on a journey of Supply Chain Analytics: starting with the definition of “future” analytical capabilities, exploring use cases and the challenge of “just” getting started in this complex environment.

Applying Pharma 4.0 to Expand Access to Biotherapeutics

Less than 10% of the global population currently has access to life-saving biopharmaceutical treatments for chronic illnesses, life-threatening conditions, and infectious diseases. However, numerous barriers hinder this accessibility, In this session Charlie Maher, BS, MBA, Vice President of Manufacturing & Site Head at Just-Evotec, will explore how by leveraging Pharma 4.0™ principles, we can significantly reduce the cost of goods, expedite product development, and establish a network of highly efficient biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that are accessible to all.

AstraZeneca's Digital Roadmap to Deliver Real Value

Hear from Simon Webb, Head of Global IT - Development, Manufacturing & Digital Transformation at AstraZeneca on how their transformation has been driven by a commitment to value, focusing on productivity, sustainability, patient-centricity, and prioritizing people. Simon will share the progress of this journey and the roadmap, explaining how factories are being “re-plumbed’ for on-demand data and showcase the specific use cases that are delivering remarkable transformative value. Furthermore, he will discuss how new factory investments are being designed with a digital first approach, with particular focus on AstraZeneca’s new Dublin API commercialisation factory which is currently being built.

Digital-Engineering to Operations-Realization Insights

Often, there are several interlinked trends that are currently the driving change in the pharmaceutical industry and placing unprecedented demands on agility, flexibility, and adaptability. In addition to the ever-increasing need for faster time to market, competitive pressure is forcing pharmaceutical manufacturers to strive for best-in-class, while working with maximum cost efficiency. During daily operation, several digital solutions, such as digital/electronic qualification and validation, virtual & augmented reality for training & support, smart maintenance or monitoring and diagnosis applications, provide support combining meta data (e.g. article numbers, location, spare part number, 3D model etc.) with real-time data and the acquisition of metadata requires significant effort. In this session, Martin Mayer, Director Business Line Digital Solutions at ZETA GmbH, will present the benefits of two realized 100+ Mio projects (Boehringer, Vienna, LOBA GmbH).

Panel Discussion with Speakers from Track 4

Concluding the sessions for this track, there will be an engaging wrap-up panel discussion. We will bring together all the presenters from these sessions, where not only will they provide additional details on their areas of expertise but answer general questions about Production 4.0 challenges and opportunities. Get ready for an engaging and informative discussion!

Additional reasons to attend the Production 4.0 track sessions include:

  • There are still far too many manual and inefficient processes in supply chain and manufacturing operations across our industry, resulting in less-than-optimized outcomes for patients all around the world. Digital systems, processes, and data are inherently more efficient than paper-based and manual processes. Many of these technologies have been successfully used to improve operational efficiencies in many other industries, so come learn about some of the successful implementations from some of the industry's digital transformation leaders.
  • The overall complexity of the supply chain and production processes within the industry, as well as the critical quality and regulatory requirements, make it an absolute necessity to digitize systems and processes to maximize operational efficiencies resulting in improved costs, on-time deliveries, and overall business performance.

We invite you to participate and engage in informative and thought-provoking discussions, which could help you identify opportunities for significant incremental improvements within your own business. Come join us in person at the 2023 ISPE Pharma 4.0™ and Annex 1 Conference in Barcelona to take advantage of the valuable networking opportunities with fellow professionals and discuss these critical topics that are relevant to our industry.

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