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Planning for the Future at the 2022 Aseptic Conference

Christa B. Myers
Planning for the Future at the 2022 Aseptic Conference

The ISPE Aseptic Conference is in its 31st year. This year like many others, we have a long list of enigmatic speakers discussing topics that matter to your everyday business. But unlike in years past, we have more to celebrate. After a long period with us pouring our energy into producing the COVID-19 vaccines, we will finally be able to get back together to talk and meet at a face-to-face forum. I, for one, have missed my friends. I have missed talking about the up-and-coming trends in the industry, the new technologies that people are using, and the documentation needed to make licensing and operations go well. I will be glad to see a familiar face or get to know a new friend. Come join us at the Aseptic Conference to celebrate the cooperation and friendships that drive our industry forward!

The most valued event at the Aseptic Conference is always the regulatory panel. Every year we give a long list of questions to the panelists to discern the fine lines of good aseptic design, implementation, and operation. That is one great reason why this discussion panel, more than any other, allows our industry to understand and plan for best practices.

One of the significant challenges our industry currently faces is finding and/or training qualified staff. The Aseptic Conference is full of detailed technical content that allows quality, engineering, safety, and operations staff to learn about the science behind the applied technology. All this information ensures that the “why” behind the “what” is also understood. Technical know-how and growth at the facility level are critical for they allow for more effective and efficient operations. Many would-be observations can be avoided with well-documented risk assessments while supporting technical topics with sound scientific research.


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Our 2022 Aseptic Conference will have topics ranging from ATMP production facility planning (this is a discussion group with some of the most well-known industry facility planners) to new technologies in biodecontamination cycles. We have included tracks focusing on novel aspects of robotics, understanding the containment aspects of highly active hazardous compounds, and one of the hottest topics, the soon to be updated Annex 1, Contamination Control Strategy.

For a good reason, aseptic operations are at the heart of all pharmaceutical operations the regulatory agencies scrutinize. They are the last point in the process where the active medicine molecules are handled just prior to delivery to the patient. If something is not performed correctly, it could result in an effect on the patient. All these topics, discussed by our colleagues, demonstrate how essential protecting the patient is to our industry.

The people that work in aseptic operations are some of the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 recovery. The vaccine production, and manufacturing of many other Parenteral products, are the key to preventing and treating COVID-19. These products contribute to our fight against other illnesses, too. Without them, we could not return to society with preventative or treatments.

What I enjoy in our Aseptic Conference is the desire to look further. Not only will we be looking at what we have learned. We will be pushing for the details of what we will be working on next. What will be the next innovation that changes the way we do business? What can we expect? else will manufacturing evolve?

I’m particularly excited that ISPE’s Women in Pharma will host a breakfast discussion again. Some of our trusted members will present recent survey results regarding fill line capacity increases in the industry during this session.

Yes, indeed. We are already planning for the future.

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