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Member Spotlight: Thomas Carganico

Edyna Miguez
Thomas Carganico

Since 2013, Thomas Carganico has worked extensively within the pharmaceutical services industries across the US, UK, and Europe. He provides a strong level of experience related to Digital Branding, Marketing & Strategic Communication. He joined the PQE group in 2017 and currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, Communications & Equity Partner. Throughout his career, he has proudly delivered strong insights through speeches and lectures on how to communicate effectively using scientific data and knowledge management, and how to lead by example young teams and startups.

Thomas Carganico
Vice President Strategic Development, Marketing & Communication - Partner
PQE Group

As we celebrate a decade of Thomas’ contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, we also celebrate his three-year anniversary with ISPE and the major impact he has made within our global community in this short amount of time.

Having joined ISPE in 2020, Thomas wasted no time in getting involved and making the most of his ISPE experience. Today, he sits on the Board of Directors for the ISPE Italy Affiliate, serves as the International Chair for the Women in Pharma® Ambassadors, and was a part of the 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo Planning Committee. We had the opportunity to sit down with Thomas and discuss his ISPE experience and the value and success he’s found in it along the way.

As you continue to explore the industry, don't forget that we are making positive changes for the well-being of humanity. It's life-changing work being in this industry -- be excited, be curious and think big.

Why did you join ISPE?

I joined ISPE back in 2020, right before Covid. I had been working as an exhibitor and sponsor for ISPE since 2016 but joined the organization as a member in 2020. I initially became an ISPE member for business development reasons. As part of the PQE Group, we thought it was the best platform to develop our business. As I got more involved, I also realized it was a great chance for me to volunteer and be part of the larger ISPE community.

You’ve been a part of ISPE since 2020 and you’ve definitely made your mark. How have you leveraged the opportunities within ISPE to make a name for yourself within the global pharmaceutical industry? How has ISPE helped advance your career?

I have to say that since I joined ISPE, it's been a roller coaster of emotions, but in the best way possible. As I mentioned, I joined for business development reasons, but as I became more involved as a young professional and Emerging Leader, my opportunities continued to expand. Eventually I was invited to become a part of the Italian chapter to help build more awareness for regional ISPE activities.

With my marketing background, the Italian Affiliate wanted to leverage my expertise and help reach a younger group of professionals within the local industry. I took immense pride in helping them achieve this, and I realized that by joining ISPE, and by getting more involved locally and internationally, I was able to expand my professional contributions to benefit both ISPE and the PQE Group.

Through my involvement, I’ve leveraged being a part of important discussions among the different local Chapters and Affiliates and have gained access to technical information from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry; this exposure has helped me make a positive impact within our company, so much so that PQE has integrated ISPE memberships as a part of the strategic development for our employees and business development and that has made a real impact.

Then, in 2022, I was elected to be a part of the Board of Directors for the Italian Chapter, and got involved in other ISPE groups, including Women in Pharma®. Getting more involved makes me feel as if I am doing something good, something meaningful, really getting hands-on within the industry and gaining that on-the-field training by having so much exposure to so many individuals within the global pharmaceutical industry. I’m really enjoying it.

What has your ISPE membership experience been like? Any highlights?

A big highlight was serving as a moderator at an event when I first started out with ISPE. I was really scared of taking it on, specifically managing the Q&A but I was able to work with great mentors and the conference committee, all of whom were very supportive of me as an Emerging Leader and gave me the advice I needed to make it a success. So, that initial experience was a phenomenal one, and an important one despite being a small start of my ISPE journey.

You are a regular attendee at ISPE conferences. When you reflect on all that you’ve attended, are there any that particularly stand out to you and why?

I was lucky enough to attend many global conferences, but also local ISPE Chapter and Affiliate events. Having this opportunity, I’ve been able to see both sides of the ISPE experience – regional and international – and I can say that they stand out for different reasons. The global events spotlight the major industry developments and provide you a cultural experience by taking place in all corners of the globe and allowing you to network with attendees and industry leaders from around the world.

On the local level, I appreciate the intimacy of a smaller community event within a local Affiliate or Chapter. ISPE members go out of their way to make you feel at home and very welcome. It also creates an environment to foster or strengthen important relationships.

I would suggest doing global and local events to experience all that ISPE has to offer.

What motivated you to become an ambassador for the Women in Pharma® initiative? And what would you like people to know about it?

I am an Equity Partner for PQE and so making the pharmaceutical industry more inclusive and diverse is a mission of mine. When I learned about the Women in Pharma initiative in 2020, I was intrigued because I think it really adds diversity to ISPE as a whole and represents the values that I believe in. I also think it really helps bridge the gender gap present in our industry.

When it comes to diversity it’s important to make sure every culture, every person is represented. As I’ve gotten more involved with Women in Pharma®, and as the program has continued to evolve, I realize it’s gone beyond its initial mission statement focusing on equality for women and has become a global movement focused on inclusivity within our industry for all. I think it’s going very well and that everyone should be a part of it.

What is your advice to someone just starting their career in the pharma industry?

OK, so I'm going to be promotional here: join ISPE. And don’t just join but get involved. It’s a great platform to learn, train, and advance your career. I also suggest getting to know our Emerging Leaders and other young professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and be open and curious about what’s out there because it’s not only manufacturing or engineering. There are so many aspects in the life sciences field that are extremely interesting. And as you continue to explore the industry, don't forget that we are making positive changes for the well-being of humanity. It's life-changing work being in this industry -- be excited, be curious and think big.