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Member Spotlight: Jim Hubbard

Edyna Miguez
Member Spotlight: Jim Hubbard

With over 30 years of successful leadership experience in human asset development, building and sustaining operations activity, new project builds, project management, merchandising and new start-up sales/operational fundamentals, Jim Hubbard brings a wealth of experience to ISPE.

James R. Hubbard, Jr.
Global Business Development Manager

Having managed businesses in multiple markets with up to $2.0B in revenue and 9,000 staff at a single location, he has experience focusing on safety, developing people, team building, operational and financial excellence, client relationships, product flow, and deploying enhanced organizational methods (LEAN). Jim also has service industry and consumer product experience in multiple sectors including start-ups, mid-size, and large corporations. Industry experience includes Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Construction and Retail.

This year, he took his ISPE experience to the next level and launched the ISPE Southwest Chapter, covering Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, USA. In celebration of this major milestone, we had the opportunity to connect with Jim and discuss his ISPE experience and the value and success he’s found in it along the way.

When did you first get involved with ISPE?

In 2012 with the Chesapeake Bay Chapter on the Networking Committee. Then, in 2014, I moved to Raleigh and Chaired the Education Committee. The following year I was Co-Chair on the Tech Conference Committee.

What has your ISPE membership experience been like? Any highlights?

It’s been great helping the Chapter’s bring relevant content to the membership and growing the programs. Two highlights stand out for me. One is while I was Education Chair in Raleigh, we started satellite educational events in Atlanta. It was a big win because the Atlanta area hadn’t had ISPE events in the past. Attendance and feedback were excellent, and I believe it continues to this day. Second, are the people I’ve met. I now have so many knowledgeable and friendly colleagues on the East Coast, and they have been huge supporters of the Southwest Chapter.

You recently started the Southwest Chapter. What inspired you to spearhead this initiative and how has the journey been thus far?

After running the Intel Program for Hensel Phelps in Chandler, Arizona, USA, I moved on to MSR-FSR and Business Development in Life Sciences. Knowing the value that ISPE brings to an organization and its people, I immediately started talking to Jessie Hardy, Senior Director of Membership and Chapter Relations at ISPE about the opportunities for a Chapter in Arizona. That led to a conversation with Thomas Hartman, President and CEO at ISPE in Boston in 2022 and filling out the Petition request. The road to a new chapter is not complicated but there are a lot of steps from initiation of the Petition request to final International Board approval. I am thankful for the wonderful ladies at International, Jessie Hardy and Alexis Thomas, that helped make this a reality. They should be recognized for their efforts over the past year for my numerous and often times crazy requests to keep this train moving to final approval. Without them, this would not have happened.

Can you tell us a bit about the market within the Southwest and why a local ISPE Chapter would benefit this region?

Our Chapter territory covers Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Although we do not have a heavy concentration of pharma/bio, we do have quite a bit of Life Sciences industry such as Cosmeceuticals, Med Devices, Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverage, and others. It was my thought with the BMS expansion in Phoenix and the Curia expansion in Albuquerque that getting a Chapter up and running early made more sense than waiting. Additionally, there is a very robust movement to attract Pharma/Bio to the Phoenix area. It is expected it will continue to grow and we should see the results through increased membership within the Chapter.

Are there any upcoming events for the Southwest Chapter that members within the region should be aware of?

We have a networking event planned for June 29th and one each in Q3/4. Education and Student Committees have plans for events in Q3.

Any advice for someone starting off their career in the industry?

Immediately become an ISPE member and learn about all the benefits ISPE has to offer our members. Chapter involvement is rewarding and a great way to give back to the community as well.

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