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Make the Most of Your ISPE Membership

Edyna Miguez
Make the Most of Your ISPE Membership

Are you considering joining ISPE? Or maybe you’ve recently joined the society or are a longtime member looking to better understand all the benefits available to you. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a high-level breakdown of all the new and ongoing benefits that accompany an ISPE membership, while learning how to navigate the website and take full advantage of all the career advancement resources now at your disposal. Let’s dive right in!

Please Note: If you are a member, be sure to be logged into your ISPE account to access the various resources below.

Complimentary Resources:

  • Webinars: NEW in 2022! ISPE members receive FREE access to Extended Learning webinars—a savings of $149* per webinar! This includes 90-day on-demand access to watch at your convenience if you can’t make the live webinar. ISPE members also receive unlimited on demand access to all complimentary webinars.
  • Guidance Document Portal: ISPE members receive complimentary access to the Guidance Document Portal. Select ISPE Good Practice Guides** are available on the portal for free, so you can easily access vital information wherever you are. Past member surveys revealed that Guidance Documents are the most valued ISPE information products, which is why they are available for free on the Portal.
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering ® Magazine: Pharmaceutical Engineering ® is a technical, multi-award-winning magazine published six times a year and covers all sectors of the global pharmaceutical industry, focusing on scientific and technical developments, regulatory initiatives, and innovative solutions for real-life challenges. All technical content is peer reviewed.
  • Concept & Discussion Papers: ISPE Members receive FREE access to Concept and Discussion Papers to have a broader understanding of and stay up to date with regulations and changes in the pharmaceutical industry. Concept Papers aim to establish or clarify a concept and often describe a potential solution or approach to an existing problem or area discussion. Discussion Papers create awareness on new or emerging topics; they often solicit feedback, gauge interest, and seek member or industry input.

Exclusive Discounts:

  • Guidance Documents: ISPE members receive up to $300* off each Guidance Document. ISPE Guidance documents are the gold standard for technical in the industry. Each Guide provides practical, "real world" information you need to stay current with industry best practices and regulatory expectations. ISPE produces about eight Guides a year–explore all recently published Guides, including the new highly anticipated ISPE Guide: GAMP 5® (Second Edition).
  • Events: ISPE hosts six international conferences every year and our members save big on each one! From the all-encompassing ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo to niche conferences on Aseptic and Pharma 4.0™, there is always something to learn for every field of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, there are dozens of local and regional events powered by ISPE Affiliates and Chapters. ISPE members automatically save money on each conference registration.
  • Training: ISPE members receive up to $300* off on in-person, online live, and on demand training courses—all led by subject-matter experts to provide the most detailed and robust training as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among our wide variety of courses, you can work with the ISPE training team to create a custom training course, tailored to your needs.

Local/Global Engagement and Networking Opportunities

  • Member Directory: ISPE members have access to over 20,000+ members within the pharmaceutical industry, spanning over 120 countries, accessible through the Member Directory.
  • Communities of Practice (COPs) and ISPE Engage: CoPs are groups of ISPE members with a common interest and similar job functions who collaborate on topic-specific discussions using the ISPE social networking platform, ISPE Engage. This platform encourages collaboration and thought exchange as members take on new projects and seek advice and guidance on their latest endeavors.

    In addition to the technical COPs, there are two professional communities with which you can become involved:
    • The Emerging Leaders community caters to a diverse range of professionals seeking to expand their network, experience, and knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry. Through in-person and virtual engagement opportunities, ISPE’s Emerging Leaders community allows you to build your leadership skills and acquire the cutting-edge experience you’ll need to fast-track your path to success.
    • ISPE’s Women in Pharma® community focuses on providing all women within the pharmaceutical industry a forum for collaborating on career advancement topics. Women in Pharma’s inclusive community leverages a network of mentors, role models, and resources across all levels to foster balanced professional success.

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We can’t wait to collaborate and help you Shape the Future of Pharma™!

*Discounts based on 2022 prices. Subject to change.

**Effective January 1, 2021, Good Practice Guides published after 1 January 2020 will be available for free on the ISPE Guidance Document Portal three years from the publish date. GAMP® Good Practice Guides are excluded from this member benefit.