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ISPE NL Emerging Leaders (EL) Career Workshop

Natalia Nikolaevna Vtyurina, PhD
ISPE NL Emerging Leaders (EL) Career Workshop

On the 1st of June'22 a Career Workshop took place in the European City of Science'22 – Leiden, the Netherlands. This workshop was organized by the ISPE NL EL Community of Practice (CoP) within the Life Science & Health Career Event hosted by Federation of Innovative Medicines Research in the Netherlands (FIGON) Dutch Medicine Days and Annual Conference of EUFEPS.

Prior to the workshop all the invited participants, including those joining the afternoon program of the FIGON conference, were invited at the historical city building Stadsgehoorzaal for the networking drinks. This way all interested in the career event audience could learn about ISPE Global, get introduced to the local Emerging Leaders CoP in the Netherlands, meet Board members from the local ISPE NL Affiliate, talk to our expert discussion leads prior and after the workshop and connect with the representatives from the sponsor company of the event DPS Group Global.

Natalia Nikolaevna Vtyurina, PhD
QA, Manager of Operations
Bristol Myers Squibb

At 20:00 a one-hour workshop was kicked off by a Vice-Chair of ISPE the Netherlands Emerging Leaders Natalia Vtyurina (Sr QA Officer at Halix) highlighting opportunities that ISPE offering to their members locally and globally. Then representative from the company sponsoring the event WAFA ATOINI (C&Q Lead, DPS Group Global) introduced participants to DPS activities emphasising career opportunities available at the company for Emerging Leaders.

The main idea of the workshop was a speed dating with the experts from 4 different fields:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) - Geert-Jan Derksen (Consultant QA specialist, Yxion)
  • Commissioning & Qualification & Validation (CQV) - WAFA ATOINI (C&Q Lead, DPS Group Global)
  • Project Management (PM) - Geert-Jan Derksen (Project Manager, Yxion) and Edward Oostenbrink (Process Engineer, Yxion)
  • Good Automation Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) - Alessandro Zennaro Follini (Senior Manager Bioprocessing Technologies, Janssen Biologics, Leiden)

Each discussion lead had 20 min within which 5 min they dedicated to introducing themselves and explaining why they have chosen their current roles. Then for 15 min participants in the group of 5 people at the table could ask their questions about the work routine, latest trends, responsibilities, background, experience, personal and professional skills they need to have or develop in order to accelerate success of their career in Pharma and Biotech at the roles in demand. Then one time rotation happened and each lead received a new group of people.

NL Emerging Leaders

Through this speed dating setup participants explored which starting roles in Pharma and Biotech, after graduation, besides R&D might fit their profile best. It was an exclusive opportunity to get the insights of possible career options towards which they can develop and diversify in the future from their current role.

At the end >20 participants joined the event organised by 5 Emerging Leaders from ISPE NL EL CoP:

More representatives from our sponsor DPS Group Global joined the event:

  • Caroline Roeleveld (Operations Manager Contract Services, DPS Group Global)
  • Martijn Timmer (Director the Netherlands Operations at DPS Global Group; Secretary at ISPE NL Affiliate Board)
  • Wesley Kuils (Recruitment Specialist, DPS Group Global)

 NL Emerging Leaders_v2

After the main part of the workshop all the participants were invited to join One-on-one conversations with our experts and experts from other companies attending Career Workshop within Life Science & Health Career Event. After all attendees joined Festive closing with DJ Yani & Sergio Obergh and drinks with dancing.

We gratefully acknowledge the valuable contribution of our workshop sponsor DPS Group Global supporting a new generation of growing professionals in the pharmaceutical industry! Supporting ISPE is ensuring a bright future of your company.

Let us know if you want to volunteer to our community and organise events with us. We are constantly looking for great minds and ideas that will help our pharmaceutical community to grow and develop!

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Feedback from our participants:

NL Emerging Leaders-v3