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Improving the Gold Standard: A New Portal for ISPE Guidance Documents

Improving the Gold Standard: A New Portal for ISPE Guidance Documents

At ISPE, our commitment to advancing the pharmaceutical industry has always revolved around delivering gold-standard Guidance Documents — a trusted source of information that’s been a helping hand for professionals like you to rely on when forging new paths and exploring uncharted territory . In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical and scientific advancements, we understand that how you interact with these valuable resources must also adapt and evolve. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce the all-new Guidance Documents Portal, a collaborative effort in partnership with Wiley — combining our authoritative content with their innovative publishing technology.

Acknowledging the Need for Change

The fundamental purpose of our Guidance Documents has always been to facilitate impactful work in the pharmaceutical industry. While the quality of our content remains steadfast, our previous portal had limitations that hindered its ability to keep pace with your growing needs. We recognized the need for a system that adapts to modern expectations, making it easier for you to locate, utilize, and apply the wealth of knowledge stored in our repository.

The Wiley Partnership

Early on, we recognized that making these improvements required a publishing ally who excelled in technology. Wiley emerged as the obvious choice for their innovative spirit and reputation for crafting user-centric solutions. The ISPE and Wiley partnership aims to deliver an enhanced portal experience that aligns seamlessly with the excellence of our Guidance Documents. The synergy between ISPE's industry-leading content and Wiley's technological expertise promises a transformative experience.

Our Pledge to Continuous Improvement

The decision to enhance the ISPE Guidance Documents Portal is a testament to our unwavering commitment to better serve you. By incorporating your feedback and leveraging the latest publishing technology, we've carefully crafted the platform's features to cater to your specific needs—whether in research and development, operations, or compliance. While we take pride in sharing this new portal, you can rest assured that this is only the beginning. We commit to an ongoing feedback process that will allow us to keep improving and ensure the portal continues to be as dynamic and forward-thinking as the industry it supports.

The New ISPE Guidance Documents Portal Experience

The new portal boasts an array of features designed to make navigating our extensive library effortless.

  • A sleek, user-friendly interface: Experience a more intuitive and efficient portal with a streamlined design and filters for easy navigation.
  • Advanced search capabilities: A more robust search engine allows you to conduct searches across documents, simplifying the process of locating what you're looking for.
  • Innovative e-reader: Designed to provide flexibility in how you engage with documents, the new e-reader features an integrated information pane for added context and an intra-document search function for swift information retrieval.
  • Mobile Optimization: The new portal is mobile-optimized and responsive, ensuring you have the best experience across all devices.

A Look Ahead

As we look ahead, more advancements await. We're committed to continuously improving and adding features that elevate the user experience and the value of our Guidance Documents. Your work Shapes the Future of Pharma™, and our mission is to support you on this journey through ongoings innovation and quality of service.

We invite you to log in and discover all the new portal has to offer. Your feedback will be instrumental in continuing to guide our future improvements. Together, let’s lead the way, setting new standards and driving innovation in the field.

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