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Gilead Sciences Support Helps to Provide Grants to 93 Students and Recent Graduates through ISPE Foundation

Isabella Stoup
Students and Recent Graduates

The 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo was a memorable gathering. With a blend of approximately 2,500 in-person and virtual attendees, the event was a melting pot of pharmaceutical professionals. Directors, managers, engineers, presidents, and CEOs from across the industry gathered in Las Vegas, NV, USA to discuss a variety of topics and celebrate their advancements since last convening. Adding to the richness of the event, students and recent graduates also joined the ranks, bringing fresh perspectives to the mix.

ISPE and in partnership with the ISPE Foundation and through the generous support from Gilead Sciences was able to provide 93 students and recent graduates, who possess a wide range of backgrounds and levels of expertise, with grants to attend the conference. In total, the grant recipients represented 12 countries, 33 universities, and 31 companies. The grant covered various expenses, including conference registration, travel, accommodations, dining, and a 2-year ISPE membership. They had the exclusive opportunity to participate in special events, including an orientation session and a meet-and-greet with the ISPE and ISPE Foundation International Board Members. These events facilitated networking not only among the grant recipients themselves but also provided a unique chance to engage with prominent figures in the industry.

As the grant recipients gleaned knowledge from the speaker sessions and built relationships through networking events, they also had access to additional career-enhancing opportunities. These included resume reviews and complimentary headshots at the Career Center, as well as a host of other opportunities for learning, such as the 2023 ISPE International Emerging Leader Hackathon . 26 grant recipients opted to participate in this year’s hackathon, an event that empowers Emerging Leaders to step into the role of company consultants tasked with solving a problem statement. This year’s event revolved around a sustainability-related challenge.

After conducting an anonymous post-conference survey distributed to all grant recipients, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. A remarkable 100% of respondents expressed that they successfully expanded their professional network throughout the conference, and an impressive 98% found the educational sessions to be highly beneficial. In the words of one student, reflecting on their time at the conference:

I had the opportunity to interact with experts from all around the world in areas of production technology, sustainability, quality, supply services, regulatory affairs and drug development. The workshop sessions provided a platform to discuss key challenges we face in the pharmaceutical industry and possible solutions. The breakaway seminars were informative and encouraged collaboration between industry professionals of all levels. I left the conference with an enriched understanding of the global pharmaceutical space and expanded my network with multiple industry professionals.

The impact on the recipients was profound. Without the financial support, 96% of recipients expressed that attending the conference would have been an unattainable dream. Sharing their gratitude for the grant, a grantee stated, “This was an incredible, life-changing opportunity I never would have had without this amazing grant. I will be forever grateful for this experience.” Additionally, a recent graduate grantee shared, “I feel so blessed to have been part of this. I would not be able to afford the conference without this opportunity.” It is clear that the impact of attending an ISPE conference holds immeasurable significance for individuals who are in the midst of studying to join the pharmaceutical field and those who have recently entered it. The connections that these students and recent graduates forged and the comprehensive education they gained will guide them on the path to developing life-changing medicines for future patients.

2023 ISPE Student & Recent Graduate Grantees who attended the 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo included:

  • Adedamola Adehinmoye
  • Anirudh Alpesh Parekh
  • Frances Anderson
  • Cameron Ardani
  • Lucylitzy Bautista
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Sanket Borad
  • Meredith Bullard
  • Cameron Carlin
  • Kasyap Cherukuri
  • Mikhala Cooper
  • Madison Cosgrove
  • Autumn Dean
  • Jacob Dion
  • Andrew Doran
  • Samara Eaton
  • SamiJoe Elkouba
  • Jenny Estefani
  • Julia Felder
  • Karl David Fotso
  • Susan Gamboa
  • Robbie Gray
  • Megan Guros
  • Rosaline Habashy
  • Jacob Haugen
  • Bradley Howard
  • Mdsarifulislam Howlader
  • Chuan Hui Sun
  • Catherine Jack
  • Saurav Jain
  • Pooja Jain
  • Ujala Javaid
  • Audrey Kaddu
  • Revati Kadolkar
  • Ryan Kashanchi
  • Madison Kelts
  • Pichayatri Khoonrit
  • Joan Kisembo
  • Michael Knott
  • Vikash Kumar
  • Ashley Kuttler
  • George Kwiecinski
  • Marissa Lemus
  • Kimberly Leyzerzon
  • Andrew Lovelett
  • Mai Ly
  • Lindsay Mcgrail
  • Dylan Miller
  • Anastasia M
  • Peyton Myers
  • Thevendran Naidoo
  • Nafisa Nawshin
  • Robin Newman
  • Somtochukwu Obu
  • Colleen O'malley
  • Zeel Patel
  • Sagar Patel
  • Tanvi Patel
  • Sagun Paudel
  • Chau Phan
  • Abdallah Rabie
  • Md. Mahbubur Rahman
  • Danisha Ramirez
  • Dylan Rapoport
  • Cristobal Riojas
  • Madison Rochford
  • Andriy Romanchuk
  • Guzel Saitova
  • Prerana Sampath
  • Tyrelle Seno
  • Darshiben Shah
  • Anjankumar Shah
  • Siddhant Shah
  • An Qi Shen
  • Carly Sprik
  • Alexus Strait
  • Silas Tamufor
  • Kathryn Tarantino
  • Christopher Tiso
  • Isabella Tobin
  • Michael Toney
  • Anna Tri
  • Maori Tsuji
  • Holden Tuscano
  • Srivathsav Venkatesh
  • Filipp Voronov
  • Nathan Ward
  • Jaymie White
  • Chloe Wilder
  • Abdullah Yusiri
  • Meiyi Zhang

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