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2021 ISPE Student & Recent Graduate International Hackathon Teams 6 & 8

2021 ISPE Student & Recent Graduate International Hackathon Teams 6 & 8

On February 8, 2021, the ISPE Emerging Leaders Committee launched ISPE’s first virtual International Hackathon. 51 ISPE Student and Recent Graduates participated in the event; they were split into six teams and 14 ISPE Emerging Leaders and Industry Professionals served as dedicated coaches to the teams. Bayer generously provided the problem statement and challenge. On February 26 at 12:00 midnight PT, each team provided a recorded video of the solution the team had identified. Two of these videos were selected by a team of eight Judges; these two teams will present additional information to the Judges via a virtual meeting on Friday, March 5. An Emerging Leaders Task Team spent a few months preparing for this Hackathon – this dedicated group of volunteers did a fantastic job creating a highly educational, challenging, exciting, and collaborative program.

Teams 6 and 8 Overview

Team 6

This team identified a system innovation solution - Digitalisation – which is a single-user interface that provides automation, advanced analytics, and continuous process verification. Real-time collaboration, interactive dashboards and reports, automation, advanced analytics, and continuous process verification equals increased productivity and profitability.


Prudence Edwards, Pablo Benitez, Giuseppina Elena Dragonetti, Stephan Huelber, Domiziana Piili, Nadin Osman, Andrew Svetozarov, Andrea Tanzini


Stuart Hall
Client Engagement Partner
Jean-Francois Duliere
Pharmaceutical Senior Expert, Vice Chair ISPE France Affiliate

Team 8: 

Optimus Prime Team approached this challenge for a digital transformation that will incorporate quality & compliance, system innovation, change & transformation, and economic viability. Using a Veeva Quality solution, which offers single-user interface, real-time collaborative authoring, and interactive dashboards and reports.


Fabian Kick, Francesca Sibilia, Lira Nigmatulina, Marie Lopato, Sandy Sahai, Miguel Costa Martinez, Armel Assoum-Nguema, Elisa Prencipe


Our thanks to the Task Team, the Coaches, the Judges, and the Hackers! This could not have been accomplished without you!