Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pharmaceutical Engineering

  • How do I submit an article?
    Instructions for submitting an article are on the Pharmaceutical Engineering website. You’ll also find Author Guidelines, editorial calendar, and other helpful information.
  • Are all articles peer reviewed?
    All technical articles — and many features with scientific or technical content — go through a double-blind peer review. In this rigorous process, authors don’t know who is reviewing their article and the reviewers don’t know who wrote the article. Reviewers must also address a series of questions about the article content and explain any recommended revisions in detail.
  • Who are the reviewers?
    Who are the reviewers? Peer reviewers are ISPE members, including Subject Matter Experts, representatives from Communities of Practice, and members of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee. This range of expertise allows Pharmaceutical Engineering to offer timely articles with a high degree of editorial quality. View the full list of reviewers.
  • What is sponsored content?
    Sponsored content is thought leadership and other content supplied by ISPE partners, who pay for the opportunity to share their content with ISPE members. This content is wholly developed and reviewed by the partner that provides the sponsored content. Get more information about how to submit sponsored content.
  • What is a whitepaper?
    A whitepaper is a form of sponsored content that is hosted on a partner website. Pharmaceutical Engineering online displays a link that allows readers to download the whitepaper after providing some basic contact information. This content is also wholly developed and reviewed by the partner that offers the whitepaper. Get more information on how to submit a whitepaper.
  • How long after I submit an article will it be published?
    Each article has a different timetable, and there’s no guarantee that any article will be published simply because it was submitted. Some articles require more revision and multiple reviews; others need less. And some submissions simply aren’t right for our audience. Learn more about the types of articles Pharmaceutical Engineering publishes.
  • Can I submit an article from my company website for publication in Pharmaceutical Engineering?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept content that has previously been published. Pharmaceutical Engineering’s mission is to bring original content to our members.
  • Can Nonmembers submit articles?
    Articles from Nonmembers are welcome and go through the same review process.
  • Can Nonmembers receive Pharmaceutical Engineering?
    At this time most Pharmaceutical Engineering online content is available to ISPE members only; this is indicated by a lock icon . Content without the lock icon is available to Nonmembers.
  • Why are some articles not available to me?
    Most content is restricted to members—that’s the content with the lock icon. If you open the article, only the first few lines will be visible. You’ll then have the opportunity to learn about ISPE membership, which provides full access to the site.
  • Can I share articles from PE Online with others?
    Reprints and e-prints of PE articles are available for purchase by contacting our reprint partner Sheridan Content Solutions at