Networking & Special Events

Plant Tours

22 March

Plant Tours:
Three optional plant tours in the Rome area are being offered on Thursday, 22 March 2018, approx. from 09.00 – 13.00 including transfers.

Secure your place now – spaces are limited!

Note:  Participation in all plant tours is subject to approval by the respective company. Each company reserves the right to refuse a delegate’s participation in the plant tour without stating the reasons. 

BSP Pharmaceuticals

BSP_PlanBSP Pharmaceuticals is a CDMO focused on the development and manufacturing of anticancer drugs with high potency and cytotoxic properties using the most modern technologies to work under maximum containment. 

Distance from Sheraton: 70 km
Distance from International Airport: 82 km


Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol MyersBristol-Myers Squibb Italia is a global biopharmaceutical company manufacturing and exporting in 65 different countries, specialized in immune-oncologic products.

Distance from Sheraton: 74 km
Distance from International Airport: 90 km


Janssen-Cilag SpA – Latina Manufacturing Site, Part of Johnson & Johnson Group

Janssen_Cilag_Latina250x150.jpgJanssen-Cilag - Latina, an FDA approved plant, produces 4.5 billion tablets per year with 90% of those tablets being exported worldwide.  This plant was designed with a high level of automation including using robots to control and simply the manufacturing process to ensure excellent product quality.  Janssen-Cilag - Latina has developed a strong culture of innovation by investing not only in technology but also in the education of their team, which is used as the global model within Johnson & Johnson worldwide.

Distance from Sheraton: 74km
Distance from International Airport: 87 k

Young Professionals Hackathon

17-18 March

Young Professional and Students come and join us at the ‘Hackathon’ style event, where groups will be given a challenge to solve in 24 hours.

This is a problem-solving workshop, where you can work with industry mentors, share your innovative ideas, and explore the future challenges our industry will face. Topics will come from the product life cycle, including: quality, regulatory, production, etc.,and incorporate ICH Q10 guidelines and industry 4.0 concepts.

This event includes a Networking Dinner with ISPE leaders and a chance to work with Young Professionals from across Europe.

The results of the Hackathon will be presented during the 2018 ISPE Europe Annual Conference.