2024 ISPE International Women's Day

Today, and every day, ISPE Women in Pharma community is working to create a more inclusive pharmaceutical industry.

Equal opportunity for equal effort remains the goal for ISPE’s Women in Pharma initiative, with women and their allies paving the way for a more equitable workforce.

International Women’s Day focuses on bringing the global community together in support of Women, and other marginalized groups. Each year, ISPE’s Women in Pharma rallies in support of this global movement to promote healthcare equity through diverse representation within the pharmaceutical industry.

Here’s How We’ll Work to Create a More Inclusive Pharmaceutical Industry in 2024:

  1. We will highlight women and their contributions to the pharmaceutical industry through Women in Pharma International Programming.
  2. We will connect women, and other underrepresented groups, on a global level to maximize their reach and impact.
  3. We will empower our Affiliates and Chapters to provide women, and other underrepresented groups, the support and guidance they’ll need to have their voices heard and maximize their impact.
  4. We will provide opportunities for growth and understanding for all members of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure inclusivity and equitability.
  5. We will empower allies to use their voice, influence, and power to create a path rooted in equal opportunity for equal effort, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity.

How Will You #InspireInclusion today, and every day?

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