International Board of Directors Election

Now Accepting Nominations

Submissions due by 15 March 2024

Thomas B. Hartman
President and CEO

As the President & CEO of ISPE, and Vice-Chair of the ISPE International Board of Directors, we are asking for your help to identify colleagues within the pharmaceutical industry who would be well-suited to serve on the ISPE International Board of Directors.

The International Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of our Society. Members of the Board are individuals who are familiar with ISPE, understand our industry, and have strong strategic leadership capabilities. Potential ISPE candidates should have most, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • Should be a strategic thinker and have the ability to anticipate the pharmaceutical industry's future needs and identify opportunities for ISPE to play an even more significant role worldwide. The Board is responsible for the Society's long-term planning.
  • Act as an ISPE Ambassador and communicate on behalf of the Society.
  • Should be a leader. While we would hope that they are a leader within the Society, evidence of leadership in business or another professional organization is desirable.
  • Possess financial acumen, including an understanding of balance Sheet reconciliation and familiarity with fundamental accounting principles.
  • Knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry sectors, including small, medium, and large pharma corporations, CMO's, service providers. equipment vendors, A&E activities, and other as they apply to various product modalities, including small and large molecules, ATMP's, and related supply chain challenges and opportunities for improvement in both APl's and drug product applications.
  • A firm understanding of the international regulatory landscape and local practices as they apply to drug development, manufacturing, facility & equipment requirements, and the role these activities play in the licensure of pharmaceutical products, and associated compliance with international regulations.
  • Understanding of product quality and how it is achieved, including quality assurance, GMP's, and compliance.
  • Be sponsored by your employer to commit to spending time working on ISPE issues and support for travel to three to four Board meetings per year.
  • Must be an ISPE Member; any nominee who is not currently an ISPE Member will be required to join the Society before being placed on the ballot.
  • Must be fluent in English. Board meetings are conducted in English, and Members need to be able to understand and communicate in that language.

To represent a global view of our industry and ensure organizational success, we seek a diverse board that appropriately reflects our overall membership. If you know of someone who meets the characteristics listed above, we encourage you to reach out to them, confirm their willingness to be considered, and send a completed Nomination Form along with the nominee's curriculum vitae or resume to by 15 March 2024. Self-nominations are also welcome.