Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter Awards Presentations and Technical Articles


Presentations from 24th Annual ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference - March 14, 2017

Presentations from 23rd Annual ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference - March 31, 2016
Note: These are the presentations we have available, and whose authors have given us permission to publish

Articles appearing in ISPE-CaSA Newsletter, 2013

Leadership Symposium - February 22, 2013

Effective Implementation of a Risk Management Program - January 29, 2013

Automation Forum - December 6, 2012

APICS-ISPE Joint Event - Operational Management: Simulations for improved production cycles -- 17 January 2012

Annual Planning Session - 23 August, 2011

Industry Advisory Council Meeting - June 2011

Reliability Excellence Forum - 2 June 2011

Raymond Scherzer, PM SET, LLC
Protecting Products & Profits (Adobe PDF 325 KB)

Kevin Pait, Talecris
Total Process Reliability (Adobe PDF 2 MB)

Michael Miller
R. E. Mason. RE Mason Company
Vibration Basics (Adobe PDF 2 MB)

Quinton GoForth, CMRP
Enterprise Asset Management Master Planner (Adobe PDF 7 MB)

Leadership Symposium - 5 February 2011

Automation Forum - 9 December 2010

Shawn Hull, Avid Solutions
JV Cotterell, Eisai Inc.
Parenteral Facility Plant Wide MES Implementation Presentation (Adobe PDF 323 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 118 KB)

Silvio Saouaf
Camstar Systems, Inc.
Manufacturing Execution and Factory Automation Drive Product Quality Presentation (Adobe PDF 2 MB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 3 MB)

Sarah N. Cructhfield
Fluid Air, a Division of Spraying Systems Company
Virtualization Throughout the Software Lifecycle Presentation (Adobe PDF 524 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 119 KB)

Rodney Neal
Global Automation Partners, Inc., A Company of the M+W Group
Virtualized Development and Deployment Presentation (Adobe PDF 1 MB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 101 KB)

Scott Thompson
R.E. Mason Co.
DCS Development Systems in a Virtualized Environment Presentation (Adobe PDF 291 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 1 MB)

Bill Porter, APP Pharma
Andy Robinson, Avid Solutions
Living in a Virtual World with Tangible Results Presentation (Adobe PDF 505 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 89 KB)

Martin E. Rock, P.E., J.D., LEED-AP
OMNI Professional
Energy Management White Paper (Adobe PDF 623 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 1 MB)

W. Brewster Earle, LEED AP
Comfort Systems USA Energy Services
Energy Management and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Pharmaceutical Facilities Presentation (Adobe PDF 418 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 50 KB)

Charles Jabara
Global Serialization Markup Language Presentation (Adobe PDF 200 KB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 82 KB)

Bruce Greenwald
RE Mason Company
Alarm Response Procedures - A Marriage of PCS and MES Presentation (Adobe PDF 1 MB)
Handouts (Adobe PDF 278 KB)

Novartis Energy Management Forum - 16 September 2010

Dave Twellman
Johnson’s Controls Inc.
PV Solar System Installation (Adobe PDF 3 MB)

Lee Willmon
Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Novartis
Energy Management of Capital Projects at Novartis (Adobe PDF 815 KB)

Lean Manufacturing & Energy Management Projects at Morrisville Facility (Adobe PDF 834 KB)

Wayne Beaver, Chuck Blatchley and Wesley Quinn
Talecris Biotherapeutics
Lowering Humidification Requirements (Adobe PDF 542 KB)

Fourth Annual Fall Gala - 30 September 2010

Brooks Adams
Executive Director & President, COIN
Advancing Nanobiotechnology Commercialization (Document 2 MB)

Fred Miesowicz
Chief Operating Officer, Argos Therapeutics, Inc.
Argos Therapeutics, Inc. (Document 5 MB)

MORTEN NIELSEN - DAPI US - presentation to ISPE vHANDOUT2.pdf