Fatma Taman

Taman Associates
Managing Director
Fatma Taman holds the position of General Manager at PharmaVision in Istanbul, Turkey. She has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and management. In addition to her experience on various technologies on API and drug product manufacturing, she has also managed research and development departments in several pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. Ms. Taman is a frequent guest lecturer at universities including Istanbul University and has presented at a number of events for organizations such as ISPE, PDA, CpHI and Controlled Release Society’s Turkey Affiliate. Ms. Taman has been an ISPE Member for 11 years. She served as Vice-Chair of ISPE Turkey Affiliate 2011-2014 and is the current Affiliate Chair. She also serves as a member of the ISPE PAT CoP Steering Committee, EuroForum, the RCC Europe Focus Group and is Vice Chair of ISPE’s European Affiliate Council. Following her study at Westfalische Wilhelms University in Germany, she completed her Pharmacy study at Istanbul University.