Women in Pharma

Women in Pharma® (WIP) is a community that provides women in the pharmaceutical industry a forum for connecting and collaborating on technical and career advancement topics. The community’s activities, which include mentoring, making resources available across all levels, educational sessions, and social and networking opportunities, help women in the industry achieve career success and work-life balance.

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ISPE’s Women in Pharma® group strives to tackle unconscious biases that limit women, and other marginalized groups, within the pharmaceutical community. Over the last few years, the group has grown to be a global force across borders, connecting industry professionals through regional and international programming, including having a presence at the 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting &...

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Excellence is everywhere, and it must be illuminated. For the fourth consecutive year, the annual ISPE Italy Affiliate Award for women in the pharmaceutical sector will be organized by the local group of ISPE Women in Pharma® (WIP). This important initiative was created to celebrate the commitment, perseverance, professionalism and competence of the women who work in this sector, qualities...


Knowledge management is powerful. It can be a catalyst for organizational success and create a major competitive advantage, or be a major contributor to organizational failure. We live in a world today where knowledge is literally at our fingertips. To access knowledge in quite literally any topic, we Google it. Merriam-Webster has even added the word “google” as a verb to the dictionary.

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Think Tanks are meant to mobilize expertise and ideas to influence processes and procedures and help address global issues – a concept perfectly in line with the goals and mission of ISPE, the pharmaceutical industry’s largest nonprofit association committed to connecting over 20,000 peers across 90 countries. Through online and in-person forums, ISPE members can gain industry knowledge, learn...