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Mentor ISPE Info Session
Thursday, 14 September | 1100 - 1200 ET
Friday, 15 September | 0800 - 0900 (GMT +8)

Join us for an info session on 14 and 15 September for an opportunity to meet the Women in Pharma Mentorship Committee and other potential participants as they navigate frequently asked questions and explore the offerings of Mentor ISPE.

Join on Thursday, 14 September | 1100 - 1200 ET
Join on Friday, 15 September | 0800 - 0900 (GMT +8)

Adventures in Leadership: A Women in Pharma® Discussion Panel
20 September 2023 | 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
South End, Red Level, Press Box

Join the Boston Women in Pharma® Committee, Co-Chair, Yolanda McLean, and the esteemed panelists as they talk about choosing their own leadership adventure. The Panelists will share how sometimes identifying your career and the path to achieving your goals isn’t a straight line.

A brief infamous Women in Pharma® networking session will precede the program starting at 10:00 am so get there early to meet some new folks and get a good seat!

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Workshop: Essentials for Leadership Development
2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo
Sunday, 15 October 2023 | 1300-1600

What does it take to be in leadership in the Pharmaceutical Industry? ISPE's Leadership 101 program answers that question and will position you for leadership.

The Essentials for Leadership Development workshop provides an interactive experience that gives attendees an OVERVIEW of the ISPE Leadership 101 program. In this 3-hour workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to self-reflect and interact 1-on-1 and as a group.

This hands-on experience focuses on 3 essentials for leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Allure of the Ally, Power and Led by Women in Pharma®
ISPE’s Women in Pharma® and Emerging Leaders Networking Event
2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo
Monday, 16 October 2023 | 1930-2130

Presented by: AstraZeneca

Let’s travel back in time for a swanky night with some of the most impressive broads and fellas in the industry. The Women in Pharma® and Emerging Leaders Monday Night Event - Allure of the Ally - is open to all conference attendees, but capacity is limited to keep the scent off our trail. Only those with a secret password will be allowed into the speakeasy, so reserve your spot today, old sport, to enjoy a night of music, drinks and networking with the best in the biz.

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ISPE’s Self-Defense Class, Power & Led by Women in Pharma®
2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo
Tuesday, 17 October 2023 | 0700-0800

Kick-off your Tuesday morning with an extra dose of power and confidence this Annual Meeting with a ISPE Self-Defense Class, Power and Led by Women in Pharma®. Join us on Tuesday, 17 October, at 7 am for a class consisting of traditional boxing methods and combinations to help you defend yourself with confidence. This instructor-led class will provide you with guidance and feedback on forms to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Ladies Who Lunch at the ISPE Booth
2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo 
Tuesday, 17 October 2023 | 1145-1335 | Expo Hall

A philanthropic opportunity to connect with your Women in Pharma peers from around the world, while shopping new Women in Pharma collateral. All proceeds will contribute to international Women in Pharma programming.

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Mentor ISPE Meet Up at the ISPE Booth
2023 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo
Tuesday, 17 October 2023 | 1515-1615 | Expo Hall

Mentor ISPE launched on 8 March 2023 as a virtual opportunity to connect with industry peers across borders. Connect with your group, and other participants at the ISPE Membership Booth during the coffee break in the Expo Hall.  

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