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Beyond Boundaries: AI-Driven Efficiency in Modern Workspaces - Powered and led by ISPE Women in Pharma® 
Tuesday, 18 June 2024 | 0800-0850 | RSVP In-Person or Virtual
ISPE 2024 Biotechnology Conference | Boston, MA, USA and Virtual 

The Goal of this session is to encourage all generations and cultures to fearlessly use AI during their daily business. In the whirlwind of fast-track projects, daily decision-making, and relentless multitasking, modern professionals find themselves at the intersection of innovation and efficiency. The demands of a dynamic work environment, accentuated by a constant barrage of meetings and pressing deadlines, necessitate a reevaluation of our working models. This panel discussion aims to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our daily professional lives, offering solutions to enhance efficiency and work-life balance.

Join us in this exploration of the intersection between AI and the modern professional landscape, as we navigate the challenges of fast-paced projects, time zone differences, language barriers, and varying generational approaches. Discover how AI can revolutionize your daily work routine and propel your efficiency to new heights. Welcome to the future of work, where the fast lane meets intelligent innovation.

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Adaptable Leadership: Navigating Agility, Styles, and Communication Preferences | 
Sunday, 13 October | 1300-1600 
ISPE 2024 Annual Meeting & Expo | Orlando, FL, USA

Enhance your leadership style as we explore how understanding individual and team communication preferences can enhance collaboration and job satisfaction.

In this workshop, powered and led by ISPE’s Women in Pharma, we will explore leadership agility, team dynamics, and the diverse tapestry of communication styles that weave a fabric of connectivity in the workplace. This dynamic session is designed to propel you into action, providing a platform for self-reflection on your leadership approach, exploring professional "love languages," and insights into effective self-motivation and team empowerment.

Who should attend?

  1. Senior Leaders stand to refine their leadership ethos and embrace novel strategies to nurture a thriving workplace ambiance.
  2. Mid-level executives can unlock invaluable insights, enhance team synergy and communication, and hone their unique leadership persona, priming themselves for the next career milestone.
  3. Emerging Leaders on the brink of their journey can craft the foundational pillars of their leadership identity, mastering the art of adaptation and interpersonal communication amidst the diverse tapestry of the workforce.

Students poised at the threshold of their careers can seize an early grasp of these pivotal concepts, recognizing the pivotal role of effective communication and collaborative prowess in the realm of leadership.

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Masked Connections: A Masquerade Networking Soiree, Presented by AstraZeneca  
Monday, 14 October | 1930-2130 | $75 Industry Entry | $50 Emerging Leaders and Student 
ISPE 2024 Annual Meeting & Expo | Orlando, FL, USA

Power and Led by ISPE Women in Pharma

Astra ZenecaJoin us for an evening of art, history, and culture as Women in Pharma gathers once again in celebration of accelerated equality and inclusivity within our industry. Throughout the two-hour event, you’ll immerse yourself in the ambiance of Italian culture, enjoying cocktails, Italian cuisine, conversations, and appreciating the rich history and cultural significance of the masquerade tradition dating back to the 15th century Venice.

Veiled behind your mask, relish the freedom of anonymity, fostering uninhibited exchanges and forging genuine connections. As the night unfolds, masks will be shed, unveiling identities, paving the way for the exchange of business cards, and the cultivation of professional ties, fortified by the shared bond of ISPE’s Women in Pharma.

Please note: All attendees must wear a Venetian-style mask throughout the duration of the event. We highly encourage masks to be elaborate and decorative, covering the eyes and nose area, but should not obstruct vision or impede conversation.

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Women in Pharma M.A.P.S. Self-Defense Class | Instructor: Bridget Collins 
Tuesday, 15 October | 0700-0800 
ISPE 2024 Annual Meeting & Expo | Orlando, FL, USA

M.A.P.S! was founded by a female business owner, mom, ISPE Member, and Black Belt in Martial Arts, Bridget Collins. Her program, M.A.P.S. – stands for Mindset, Awareness, Preparation, Strike! –offers empowering and educational seminars to teach and train women the basics of self-defense, helping them build a mindset and awareness around personal safety that prepares them to avoid personal attacks and defend themselves when necessary. Throughout this early morning session, you will enjoy a demonstration of martial arts techniques, practice of maneuvers to release and defend the most common forms of attacks. This event is open to all conference attendees; we recommend you wear comfortable workout clothes as this will include a workout component for those who participate. A completed waiver will be required to attend the class; this will be available to fill out prior to starting the session.

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Women in Pharma Committee Meeting 
Wednesday, 16 October | Time: TBD 
2024 ISPE Pharma 4.0™ and Annex 1 Conference | Rome Italy and Virtual

An open forum with Women in Pharma international leadership.

Conference Dates: 10-11 December 2024

*** Details soon to come