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Mentor ISPE: Mentor ISPE Global Meet Up
Wednesday, 6 March | 0930 - 1100 EST

Join us on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 at 0930 EST for the second Virtual Mentor ISPE Meet Up. This virtual meet up will be in celebration of International Women’s Day and will include a presentation followed by a breakout session on inspiring inclusion within the pharmaceutical industry. Through this virtual meet up, you will connect with Mentor ISPE participants outside of your matched groups, allowing you to continue to grow and challenge your world views while building out your international network.

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Emerging Leader Day: What I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career, Emerging Leader Day, Women in Pharma®
Friday, 8 March | 1100 - 1200 EST

ISPE Invites Emerging Leaders, recent graduates, and students from all over the globe to join us at this dynamic virtual event to elevate their impact. This will provide you with an opportunity to engage and hear from ISPE industry leaders, networking sessions, and exclusive professional development opportunities.

During the Women in Pharma® session - What I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career - we will host a panel of three impressive female leaders, all of whom are driving the mission and vision of Women in Pharma. During the hour-long discussion, we will focus on their individual career journeys, homing in on their different levels of experience and cultural backgrounds, lessons learned along the way, and the advice they would give themselves if they could go back in time.

Danielle Gabrish
Director, Clinical Biologics
Julia Gandhi, PhD
Director & Sr Consultant
Geean Pte Ltd
Miriam Kremer-van Der Kamp
Project Manager
Bachem AG

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Networking Event: Meet the Women in Pharma® Leaders
Wednesday, 20 March | 1000 - 1115 EST

Grab your coffee or cocktail, depending on your time zone, and join us for a casual hour of networking with ISPE's Women in Pharma Leaders.

Throughout this experience, you will connect with ISPE's Women in Pharma International Steering Committee and Affiliate and Chapter leaders.

Through breakout rooms and sessions, you can connect internationally, ask questions related to your career and member benefits, or further your involvement with ISPE's Women in Pharma.

We welcome existing ISPE Members and those considering joining ISPE to partake and encourage you to join us for however long your schedule allows.

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Webinar: Empowering Voices: Creating a More Inclusive Pharmaceutical Industry & Patient Experience
Thursday, 28 March  | 1030 - 11300 EDT 

As the healthcare landscape evolves, it's crucial to ensure that diverse voices are heard, and inclusive practices are implemented to drive innovation, equity, and excellence in pharmaceutical development and healthcare delivery. Throughout this hour-long webinar, you will hear from industry leaders and influencers who will discuss the essential need for the drug product to reflect the diversity of the populations it aims to serve, and explore the root causes of these disparities, explore their far-reaching implications and advocate for transformative change, within the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Exploring the multifaceted dimensions of diversity in healthcare, including cultural, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic factors
  • Recognizing the importance of representation and inclusivity in pharmaceutical leadership and decision-making processes
  • Examining disparities in healthcare access and outcomes across diverse populations
  • Creating inclusive work environments that foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
Marissa Lemus
Northeastern University
Gaelle Saint Louis
Evofem Bioscience
Tammy Spain
Associate Director Project Management
The FlexPro Group

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