Women in Pharma Events

Upcoming Event

Tuesday, 14 June
1100 - 1200

Imperatives for Actionable Inclusion: Opportunities in Our Workplace

What you do daily can impact fostering more of an inclusive environment. Even if your organization has a diversity and inclusion program, how you turn these into actionable opportunities is important to the success of the program. It starts from within and our actions- and only then we can recognize opportunities to be inclusive.

Join us in a panel discussion as we discuss creating and building a practical framework for an inclusive environment for our organizations and in our daily conversations. What can we do as individuals to activate diversity and inclusion?  How can we spur everyday actions that are inclusive? How do we share our experiences to give others a platform to share? We welcome everyone to join us in a discussion with experts that share their experiences in fostering an inclusive environment.  Programmed and lead by ISPE’s Women in Pharma.

Featured Speakers:

Jennifer Lauria Clark, CPIP
VP, Sales and Account Relationship Management
Laura Peterson
Vice President of Global Talent and Organization Development
RTI International
Heather Rae Martin
Sr. Associate Principal
Mishaune Sawyer
Senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, East Region
JE Dunn Construction