Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday: Large Language Models (LLM) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems in Pharma

28 Nov 2023
5.30-6.30pm SGT | Online

The upcoming Tech Tuesday session on November 28 will explore the impact of Large Language Models (LLM) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) systems on the Pharma industry, emphasizing document access and knowledge retention.

The LLM domain is marked by a race between giants like ChatGPT and open-source models such as Llama and Falcon. This divide centers around the pursuit of democratized AI for broader access versus the market dominance of companies like OpenAI. Pharma companies face a hard choice. On one side the high-cost, advanced technology from entities like OpenAI/Microsoft, offering less transparency. On the other open-source options that, while less powerful, ensure data security and local control.

Adopting AI in document operations is essential, with non-adoption potentially leading to obsolescence in this fast-evolving field.

We will try to explore the pros and cons of each approach and explain why RAG is absolutely necessary if you want validated answers from your LLM's.

Led by:

Dominik Moult-Milewski, Sr. Automation/LLM Expert, No Deviation Pte Ltd
Dominik is an industry specialist immersed in the 2023 Large Language Models revolution, keenly exploring their application to pharma compliance practices. His expertise in Automation and Control Systems within Pharma, alongside a fervour for digitalization and knowledge unification, allows him to pinpoint AI's 'quick wins', offering efficiency and insights that were once out of reach. Through his series of micro casts, "AI in a Blink," he aims to showcase these strategies and cultivate an adoption culture of AI adoption, that will be critical to navigate future changes.

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