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About the Singapore Affiliate

The Singapore Affiliate was registered and launched in June 2000 and has now over 300 Members plus 2,000 supporters predominantly in Singapore.

The Affiliate is managed by an Executive Committee composed of the senior management of the major global and local pharmaceutical companies and their main service providers in Singapore.

Our Mission: The mission of the ISPE Singapore Affiliate is to develop an active events calendar and provide education and training services in Singapore and South East Asia for pharmaceuticals manufacture and GMP compliance.

Our Members: All scientific and technical areas of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are represented among the ISPE Membership. Engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, production, process development, pharmacists, regulatory and training personnel, academia, suppliers, and other professionals contribute their expertise to the industry through their participation in ISPE activities.

ISPE Singapore Events

Social Events

ISPE Singapore strives to provide numerous opportunities for members and supporters to network and exchange ideas in an informal setting. Such events include quarterly networking, annual Pub Quiz, go-karting, soccer tournament and other engaging activities.


ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition: ISPE Singapore’s biggest event of the year is the ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition which usually takes place in August of each year. Multiple tracks are focussed on key themes, facilitated by high calibre international and regional speakers from regulators to pharma and subject matter experts. With participation from over 1,000 attendees and visitors, this event has become the must-attend event in the region.


Ranging from ½ day intensive seminars to 3-4 day formal courses, ISPE certified Training provides the practical, "real world" information to enable companies to build on current best practices to meet and exceed regulatory standards. Delivered by highly skilled trainers from US, Australia and Europe with many years of industry experience.

Recent Developments

As the industry and regulatory environment evolves, ISPE Singapore provides updates with quarterly news, targeted training and information sharing.

Regional Events: ISPE Singapore is working closely together with our neighbouring affiliates in emerging and developed markets including Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. By joining forces, such initiatives help to support the needs of and provide professional growth for industry participants.

This enables subject matter experts and organisations to impart relevant expertise in the region, to optimise efficiency and affordability to a broader target audience. In the near future, ISPE Singapore plans to launch outreach into countries in South East Asia which have limited or no industry association to support the growing workforce.

Contact Details

ISPE Singapore Affiliate
Phone: +65 6826 1105

Contact Person
Kristina Autenrieth
Affiliate Manager

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