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Student Chapter 2022

Tan Zhi Hao, Gary
Student Chapter President
Hua Yue, Hazel
Student Chapter Vice President
Jun Hui
Teo Jun Hui
Student Chapter Finance Director
Muhammad Irfan bin Ismail
Student Chapter Events Director
Que Chi
Nguyen Que Chi
Student Chapter HR Director
Khayrin Aisyah Binte Jamal
Student Chapter Secretary
Sheen Yee
Tham Sheen Yee
Student Chapter Marketing Director
Wint Thawda Lwin
Student Chapter Communications Director




ISPESC Telegram Channel:

Instagram: sgispesc


Student Chapter 2021

Chan Jin Wei Louis
Student Chapter President
Melvinder Singh
Student Chapter
Vice President
Li Chunxin
Student Chapter
Soong Li Ting Crystal
Student Chapter
Finance Director
Candy Loo Mei Qi
Student Chapter
Events Director
Mahiratunnisa Binte Mohamed Ikram
Student Chapter
Human Resource Director
Javier Tham Jun Heng
Student Chapter
Communications Director
Muhammad Syakir
Muhammad Syakir Bin Mohamed Tajudin
Student Chapter
Marketing Director

The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Singapore Affiliate is a non-profit organization and we, the Student Chapter (SC), aims to expose students to the Pharmaceutical industry by exposing them to the professionals in this field and to provide opportunities for them to plan and organise related events. 

As a member of ISPESC, you can look forward to networking opportunities with students from different courses, acquire more knowledge from sharing of content beyond your curriculum, and develop your soft skills etc. 



ISPESC Telegram Channel:

Instagram: sgispesc

Direct Contact: @Louisdrex

ISPESC Leadership Team Recruitment

Stay tuned to the results of the ISPESC 2022 Leadership Team. Recruitment for Associate Directors and subcommittee members will begin in late January/ February. Should you wish to have more information on the roles and responsibilities of such roles, feel free to contact Louis (ISPESC 2021 President) at or @Louisdrex (Telegram).

Key New Initiatives:

  • ISPESC Info-bites

Led by the Communications team, ISPESC Info-bites is an initiative to simplify information and make it digestible for our students. The team consolidated feedback on topics of interest from students and relevant happenings in the industry.

We hope that such an initiative has brought more value to our members and enhanced their knowledge.

Here are some snippets:


  • ISPESC Champions

In line with ISPESC’s vision of better engaging you (students) and to seek regular feedbacks, we incorporated the Champions Initiative.

Under this Initiative, there is one student per course/school whom have valiantly volunteered and been selected to take on this responsibility as being the liaison between their school/course and ISPESC.

His/her role will be to share details about ISPESC Events with his/her course mates. More importantly, to hear from the ground on the needs of the students and how ISPESC can curate events to cater to these needs. 

Past Events

  • ISPESC Food Future

ISPE Singapore's Affiliate Students' Chapter has organised the last knowledge-based event for 2021 - Food Future - catered to our members’ needs. This event was newly initiated in ISPESC as we understand the intertwine between the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. We also understand that our valued members (you) have various interests, and many are exploring the opportunities in the workforce.

Feedback from a participant: From the basic concepts to in-depth industry knowledge, this session was truly an eye opener to food industry in Singapore. I learnt more about the plant based meats and cell based meats and their prospects in current market, as well as personal experience of speaker in working in an alternative food options start-up. Moreover, the session covered on the root cause of why alternative food options have surfaced, and what are other aspect of food industry focuses on to reduce the food wastage . Overall, this session benefitted me in a way of finding out about our sister industry and provided an alternative path to overlook. The tips and job scope insights of the manufacturing plant were beneficial as well as can’t be found anywhere else !

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  • ISPESC Monthly Bonding Session (MBS)

This year ISPESC has conducted monthly e-MBS to be aligned with ISPESC 2021 vision of bridging and forging connections amongst students. In the past months, participants had a great deal of fun through the online games as they get to interact with other students! Members could also learned more about ISPESC through such an opportunity.

We are truly glad to provide networking and bonding opportunities for our members through games. Considering our members are from different academic institutions and background, it was even more fulfilling.

Feedback from a participant: Great bonding sessions, great place to chill and meet people of similar interest. Has allowed me to learn and develop.

Monthly Bonding session

  • ISPESC Members Bonding Day

In November, ISPE Singapore's Affiliate Students' Chapter concluded our new initiative- Members Bonding Day 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was held online. However, we are glad that that did not affect the enthusiasm of our participants. Members of ISPESC had the opportunity to interact with one another in a speed bingo and even compete with other groups with hot rounds of Battle Royale!

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  • Connect with Resume

We have successfully executed the "Connect with Resume" event. Through the event, we aimed to allow students to get a better understanding of how to craft an impactful resume that showcases their talents.

A special thanks to the planning team, and our distinguished speaker Ambrose Chan who shared handy tips on how to prepare a good resume. We believe that this will serve a good foundation for the students.

Feedback from a participant:
'The event was useful and there were many dos and don'ts that were being shared during the webinar, and it gives a better understanding how to do my resume'.

Connect with resume

  • “Women Empowerment” Event

The Women Empowerment event (co-organised between Singapore Polytechnic DCHE Club, ISPE Singapore Affiliate and Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has successfully concluded.

The three distinguished speakers (Julia Gandhi, Elaine Yong and Elisa Goh) shared great insights into their journey in the Pharmaceutical and Engineering industry. We believe that participants have gained better clarity on how to navigate through the workforce and make a significant contribution (regardless of gender).

We wish to thank the speakers for their time and contribution to enriching the lives of students!

Women Empowerment

  • Pharum

ISPESC first-ever event collaboration with SIT Pharmaceutical Engineering SMC- Pharum 2021 has successfully concluded.

It was a resounding success as the team invited 3 speakers from Novartis, such as Rajat Bhasker, Sabrina Peh and Manuel Ungerer. In addition, we invited the SIT Pharmaceutical Engineering students (Edina Lee & Muhammed Harith) who had just finished their Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) to talk about their experience in manufacturing operation and lab research respectively.

In this collaboration, we dived into the specialisation of Pharmaceutical Engineering, such as the Small Molecular Drugs (SMD) track and the Biologics track and process. Participants gained great insights into the upstream and downstream process for both the SMD and Biologics tracks. The technical skills and knowledge from different specialisations provide many career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Most importantly, the participants will have a better idea of which path they are interested in after the event.

Feedback from one participant: "Pharum 2021 is insightful. The event equipped me with important knowledge to choose my specialisation properly.”

Many thanks to the ISPESC Pharum 2021 Team and SIT Pharmaceutical Engineering SMC for their contribution and extensive efforts.

Once again, ISPESC is glad to be the enabler to organise events that will value add to our members


  • “Life after Poly” Event

We understood that many of our members whom are from a Poly background had wished to find out more about what happens after one's Poly education.

Hence, we launch a collaboration with Singapore Poly's Diploma in Chemical Engineering Club as both organisations believe in adding value to students.

Through students’ sharing, we had enabled more polytechnics students to gain clarity on what lies in University education and the workforce.
Life after Poly

  • ISPE SG Hackathon 2021

The ISPE SG Hackathon has successfully concluded from 18th to 27th June.

The Hackathon's aims were:
1) Expanding participant network with likeminded peers
2) For participants to learn about the Pharmaceutical Industry and skills relevant to the industry
3) Providing Learning through Gamifications

We are glad to say it was a success as participants enjoyed their experience and could also learn key concepts about the Pharma 4.0 process in Manufacturing. The participants were of an impressive standard as they also brought in business perspectives to discuss the feasibility of their ideas.

This event wouldn't have been possible without the Coaches who volunteered and provided key and useful advices to the teams.

We wish to thank the Judges, Coaches, Participants and the Organising Committee for making this event a success. We hope you will look forward to ISPE SG Hackathon 2022.

Hackathon 2021

  • ISPE Singapore Webinar Pharma 4.0

ISPE Singapore Affiliate Emerging Leaders and ISPE Singapore Student Chapter have collaborated to organise a Webinar on BioPharma Organisational Design and Pharma 4.0. Do check out our poster for more details. 

The Speaker is Wilbur Ho who is the Director of Pharma Operations at Amgen Singapore Manufacturing where he drives global (Asia, US, Europe) manufacturing strategies to optimize network supply chain reliability and agility and deliver Lean Six Sigma initiatives as Black Belt Coach. 

  • PharmGenesis

14 Jun 2021 | 10am-1pm SGT

One of ISPESC’s flagship event- Pharmaceutical Genesis 2021 has successfully concluded on 14th June.

It was a resounding success as the team invited 4 speakers from organisations such as Mr Derek Seah from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Ms Levana Sani from Nalagenetics, Mr Ivan Heng from Johnson & Johnson and Mr Benjamin Cheng from Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Participants were able to immerse in the informative and insightful seminar on the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore. Together we unveiled several topics concerning the opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry such as the variety of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and the technologies used in industry such as treatment of leprosy using genomic technologies. Most importantly participants were able to understand the preparation and skills needed before heading into the fast-moving pharmaceutical industry.

Some feedback from our participants:

"The event is very informative. It gave insights of the wide range of career opportunities that they can specialise in the future. Looking forward to joining future events organised by ISPE."

“I was able to gain a lot of learning about the insights of the pharmaceutical industry. Will be looking forward to joining future ISPE events and initiatives! “PharmGenesis2021


Student Chapter 2020

Zhou Meikun, Charles
Student Chapter President
Verma Apoorva
Verma Apoorva
Student Chapter Vice President



Past Events:

23 Oct - 01 Nov 2020: ISPE Singapore Hackathon 2020

Jan 2021: Pheature 2021 |

Highlights 2020 ISPE Singapore Student Chapter

This year, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles and how society works. Conferences and social gatherings have been postponed or cancelled but this did not deter the ISPE Singapore Student Chapter from organising their events. The Student Chapter saw this as an opportunity to transition into the technological era where events are held virtually while keeping participants safe. (read full article)

Student Poster Competition 2016

At the Student AGM on 1 Apr 2016 a new Student Chapter Executive Committee was elected. Congratulations to: Wendy Han (President), Kimberly Siacor (Vice President), Jonathan Tan (Secretary), Liu Chin Mei (Treasurer), Jia Huan Wan (HR), Collin Chong (PR), Ziling Zeng (Info-Comm Tech). We are looking forward to some great student activities this year!

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