Singapore Affiliate Board


Shanshan Liu

Liu Shanshan, No Deviation

Thomas Terranova

Vice President
Thomas Terranova, Terra Asia Consulting

Joe Micsko

Past President
Joseph Micsko, CAI


Nazema Latiff

Membership Chair
Nazema Mohd Latiff, CAI

Chun Keat Choo

Membership Co-Chair
Chun Keat Choo, Exyte

Sanjay Thorat

Event & Education Chair
Sanjay Thorat, Exyte

ZI Yu Chan

Event & Education Co-Chair
Zi Yu Chan, No Deviation

Jianwei Wong

Young Professionals Chair
Jianwei Wong, Americor Resources

David Yee

Young Professionals Co-Chair
David Yee, Hyde Engineering

Alan Chua

Young Professionals Adviser
Alan Chua, No Deviation

Henry Chen

Young Professionals and Students Adviser
Henry Chan, Americor Resources

Dr Julia Gandhi

Student Affairs Chair
Julia Gandhi, Geean


Student Affairs Committee
Dr. Irsan Irsan, Temasek Polytechnic Singapore

Adison Wong

Student Affairs Committee
Adison Wong Choon Kit, Singapore Institute of Technology

Pierre W.

Conference Planning Committee Chair
Pierre Winnepenninckx, No Deviation

Melvin Seow

Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair
Melvin Seow, PSC Biotech

Sook Peng

Regulatory Affairs Chair
Chua Sook Peng, Johnson & Johnson

Alfonsus Karli

Regulatory Affairs Co-Chair
Alfonsus Karli, Pfizer

Hugh McKee

Technical Chair
Hugh McKee, PM Group

Ciaran Mullaly

Technical Co-Chair
Ciaran Mullaly, KPC

Chew Wee

Subject Matter Expert, PAT
Dr. Wee Chew, A*Star

Subject Matter Expert, CIP
Balakrishna Chintada, Hyde Engineering

Subject Matter Expert, Automation
David Bartlett, No Deviation

Asanul Farhan

Subject Matter Expert
Asanul Farhan Sani, Exyte

Catherine Pham

Marketing Chair
Catherine Pham

Savitha Kamath

Women In Pharma Chair
Savitha Kamath

Judy Uy

Women In Pharma Co-Chair
Judylyn Uy, CAI

Sue-Ann Toh

Social Media Chair
Sue-An Toh, CAI

Geoff Brown

Newsletter Editor
Geoff Brown, Schneider Electric

Jahnavi KV

Honorary Auditor
Jahnavi KV, PM Group

Stella Lin

Second Honorary Auditor
Stella Lin, Amgen

Carissa Choh

Honorary Secretary
Carissa Choh, HGP

Jasmin Cabalo

Assistant Honorary Secretary
Jasmin Cabalo, CAI

Lee Hong Ping

Honorary Treasurer
Lee Hong Ping, Exyte


Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Suresh Akkanna, PM Group

Kristina Autenrieth

Affiliate Manager
Kristina Autenrieth, Singapore Affiliate

Linda Wan

Events Director
Linda Wan, Singapore Affiliate


Shanshan Liu

Newsletter Committee, Volunteer

Nicholas Tan, STERIS Corp.

Carrie McManus
Manager, Volunteer Development & Engagement

For contact information, please refer to the ISPE Member Directory.

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