ISPE Publishes ISPE Good Practice Guide: Equipment Reliability

22 January, 2021

Good Practice Guide: Equipment Reliability

ISPE announced the release of its latest Guide, ISPE Good Practice Guide: Equipment Reliability. This Guide offers best practices with respect to equipment reliability, addresses specific opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry beyond the general reliability of equipment, and can serve as the basis for an effective reliability program.

As innovation extends to and transforms the supply chain, equipment lifecycle costs and availability become ever more relevant to maintaining a competitive advantage. The strategy and tactics of reliability can help companies maintain the value of their equipment throughout its useful life and mission and the application of asset management principles can help companies leverage equipment towards a competitive advantage.

Guide Team Lead

This Guide was written and reviewed by a group of experts in the field, making it a must-have reference for systematically and proactively improving reliability at all stages of the equipment lifecycle from design to decommissioning. The concepts in this Guide apply to physical assets, facilities, utilities, and equipment that support production, materials management, packaging and labeling, and laboratory operations.

Purchase the ISPE Good Practice Guide: Equipment Reliability online, available at, among ISPE’s other detailed education resources on a variety of industry topics.

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Guide Team

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Michael Berkey
Associate Director
Guide Team Lead
John Byrne
Reliability Engineer
Thomas Harris, ME, AE
Regional TPM Reliability Lead
Robert Smith, CAMA, CMRP
Principal Consultant, Asset Management & Reliability
Commissioning Agents Inc.
Hamid Teimourian
Senior Facilities Engineer
Richard Tree
Vice President, North America
Alfred Ao Yu
Senior Director Engineering & Facilities
Resilience Biotechnologies Inc