ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering® Special Report on COVID-19 Impact Honored with 2021 APEX Award

27 July, 2021

ISPE has been honored as the winner of a 2021 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the COVID-19 Media Government/Association content category for the four-article Special Report on COVID-19 impact published in the July-August 2020 issue. The APEX Awards recognize achievement in writing, editing, and graphics in a wide range of communications in nonprofit and for-profit publishing and communications organizations with Awards of Excellence recognizing exceptional entries in 100 subcategories and Grand Awards honoring outstanding work in 13 major categories.

The Special Report was developed early in the pandemic during April and early May last year. It provided a look at how leaders in ISPE saw the situation from both industry and personal viewpoints, as well as touching on several important areas including managing drug shortages, pandemic preparation, and a primer on vaccine development. The four articles in the Special Report were written by the magazine’s Senior Director, Editorial, and industry experts:

Recognition for Pharmaceutical Engineering® coverage of the pandemic is just one way that ISPE demonstrates its thought leadership and content excellence. ISPE members have also shared their pandemic experiences in webinars and conference sessions about the challenges and achievements. I am proud to work with ISPE’s members on content like this as one of the authors of this four-article Special Report. It is an honor to have been able to share input from ISPE leaders and highlight how the industry will be able to use what it has learned this year in the future development of vaccines and other pharma products.

COVID-19 Impact Survey: How the Industry is Responding to the Pandemic

The ISPE Drug Shortage Initiative team is honored and energized by the APEX award for excellence. Significant demands on global drug supply chains make the ability to successfully engage with health authorities to mitigate and prevent drug shortages more important than ever before. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been essential for industry and regulators to work together to provide continuous supply of critical medicines and the knowledge gained from those interactions will further enhance best practices to mitigate and prevent drug shortages.

Thank you to the ISPE publication team, ISPE Regulatory Operations lead Carol Winfield, the extended ISPE Drug Shortage Initiative team, and ISPE leadership support from Tom Hartman, Fran Zipp, Ylva Ek, and Joe Famulare. The tremendous support from these experts and leaders ensures the ISPE Drug Shortage team continues to provide key learnings and inspiration to industry for successful drug shortage prevention.

The ISPE Drug Shortage Initiative Team 
Engage with Health Authorities to Mitigate and Prevent Drug Shortages

It is an honor to receive the APEX award regarding my contribution on the COVID-19 pandemic. As a toxicologist, I am passionate about positively improving the quality of people’s lives and it is refreshing to see how our industry collaborated like never before and worked on a global scale to bring vaccines and therapies to the world. Thank you to ISPE and the editorial board of Pharmaceutical Engineering for the opportunity to shed light on the current global pandemic.

Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity

I feel honored for the opportunity to report on vaccine development and supply chain management during the COVID-19 pandemic and such an unprecedented time in world history. As a medical writer and a health care professional, I remain committed to providing well-researched, credible information that empowers and informs the public. For me, this award is confirmation I'm on the right track.

How Vaccines are Developed

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