Digitalization in Pharma industry

Don’t miss next ISPE Belgium Seminar about Digitalization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Top speakers from academia and industry will share their insights about the digital (r)evolution in the Pharma industry and present case studies about data analytics, big data, manufacturing 4.0., robotics, etc.

Two Keynote Speeches:

Re-Uniting Quality and OPEX in the world of 4.0 transformation: Insights from a decade of
research in Operations Excellence and Quality Management (Prof. Friedli, St Gallen University, CH)

ISPE Pharma 4.0, A Holistic Approach (C. Woelbeling, Werum, Germany)


Janssen Pharmaceutica site visits:

Opportunity to visit the Janssen Pharmaceutica site in Beerse and witness with your own eyes how J&J is stepping ahead. Selection of J&J site visits during this event:

1. From paper-labeling to e-labeling in Clinical Supply - Labeling of Clinical Supplies is quite complex, error prone and labor intensive. See how Clinical Supply Chain at Janssen has replaced a traditional label room by on-demand labeling and has postponed the labeling activity to the point of distribution by implementation of a JIT (just in time) solution.  Get a demo of the latest e-label technology ensuring that the most up to date label is provided to the patient at the time the medication is dispensed.

2. Serialization at Janssen Supply Chain - Putting a number on a box, how hard can it be? You will visit a Beerse packaging line with an integrated system for serialization, aggregation, component verification and brite stock UV code recognition.  You will learn about or benchmark on the J&J approach to integration from enterprise L4 to shopfloor L1, our regional and local validation strategy for software & equipment, the roll-out we did across various sites and the E2E supply chain, dozens of packaging lines and on thousands of products in a context of challenging deadlines for various regulations.  The importance of standardization and change management will be highlighted as well.

3. Continuous Manufacturing Line at Janssen Pharmaceutica - You will visit the brand new continuous manufacturing line for oral solid dosage forms installed in the Drug Product Development & Clinical Supply Chain department. New OSD drug products are being developed and produced for clinical supplies on this line using either direct compression, dry granulation or wet granulation process. PAT- and/or model-based control strategies are being applied to ensure process performance and product quality. Digitalization of this production line is crucial for enabling such advanced process control strategies.

(backup session) Machine learning on automatic inspection line - To maintain a reliable and performing supply chain in combination with the highest quality standards we need to invest in high quality solutions that will help us in today’s economic playing field. Digital platforms and automated solutions are strong enablers here. In this session you will get a guided tour to our automated visual inspection line featuring several digital and automation innovations which provide a competitive advantage for one of our key products at the site.

4. Digitalization at Janssen: Vision and Achievements - Within todays manufacturing environment embracing the digital capabilities is key to make the next steps towards a reliable and performing supply chain. In this session we will give you an introduction on how digital is embedded into an overall strategy towards an integrated manufacturing environment and during the tour in our production site we will be able to showcase some examples of achievements and opportunities.




This full-day seminar includes netwerking opportunities with table top exhibition and networking reception.

Open for ISPE and non-ISPE members. Max. 100 persons. Reduced fee for ISPE Members.

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