GAMP CoP Benelux

About GAMP CoP Benelux

In 2008 a group of Computerized Systems Validation experts from Belgium and The Netherlands formally started the local ISPE GAMP® CoP Benelux.

They organize local events, always bringing people together discussing hot industry – GAMP® related - topics. They are globally embedded in a strong ISPE GAMP network, and are the most active ISPE Community of Practice for Life Science industry professionals in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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GAMP CoP Benelux Board Members

Tom De Rudder
Tom De Rudder (Chair),  Novartis (BE)
Frans Leijse
Frans Leijse (Vice-Chair), ITC Validation Consultants (NL)
Joost Havers
Joost Havers(Secretary), ProPharma Group (NL)
Frans Boeijen
Frans Boeijen (Treasurer), (NL)
René van Opstal
René van Opstal(Webmaster), Van Opstal Consulting (NL)
Michel Fraipont
Michel Fraipont(Member), GSK Vaccines (BE)
Marcel Schakel
Marcel Schakel (Member), PQM Consultancy (NL)
Gerard Gorka
Gerard Gorka (Member),Teva Pharmachemie (NL)
Kurt Van der Aa
Kurt Van der Aa (Member), MSD (BE)
Pascal Vande Gucht
Pascal Vande Gucht (Member), UCB (BE)
Natasja Bastiaens
Natasja Bastiaens(Member), Ordina (BE)