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29 March 2024
During the past 2 days, the Emerging Leaders team and Senior Board Directors of ISPE Belgium Affiliate vzw/asbl has been working very hard on defining the strategy for the coming year! An off-site strategic meeting that resulted in: higher...
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07 February 2024
GAMP COP Benelux organizes a "meet & greet" with Dr. Tom Williams during online "knowledge cafe" about "Applying the GAMP 5 life-cycle approach to the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning based Systems" on February 22nd. He is telling about a...
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17 January 2024
Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about: ✅Advanced Automation ✅ Challenges in Manufacturing New Targeted Small-Bartch Therapies ✅ Impact of Annex 1 on Manufacturing ✅ Innovation in Facility Design & Delivery ✅ Unique Challenges Associated...
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10 January 2024
The voting process for board membership in December 2023 ends up with 20 elected ISPE Belgium Board Directors for period 2024-2026. Belgium Affiliate Board | Belgium Affiliate | ISPE | International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering During board...
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05 December 2023
On December 6th 2023, ISPE Belgium Affiliate Board had a pleasure to meet ISPE Board members Thomas Hartman (CEO and President of ISPE), Jessica Hardy ( Senior Director, Membership & Chapter Relations ) and Thomas Zimmer (VP ISPE Europe) during a...
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23 November 2023
23 November 2023 - A succesfull day with more than 100 participants, discussing and sharing lessons learned about Annex 1 implementation (contamination control stategy, ...). Again an opportunity for networking with industry experts and meeting...
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22 November 2023
All ISPE Belgium Affiliate members are invited to take part in the autonomous election process, in accordance with the bylaws and compliant with the affiliate guidelines. The election process results in the appointment of a new board governing the...
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20 November 2023
ISPE Belgium Affiliate supports 3 Community of Practices active in Benelux. Last month, more than 150 delegates joined one of the CoP events organized by the Benelux CoP teams! C&Q&V Benelux CoP organized its first face-to-face 1/2 day event (incl...
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15 September 2023
As legal entity, ISPE Belgium Affiliate vzw/asbl organizes board member elections every 3 years. Become a volunteer, connect with peers organizing ISPE Belgium Affiliate events, support and strengthen the Life Science industry in Belgium. Join us or...
Affiliates/Chapters News & Press Releases
24 May 2023
Looking back on great networking event with Koen Dierickx (SimAbs) and Brecht Van Craen (Digital Currency Academy) as keynote speakers about Biotech and Blockchain. Thanks to all speakers, sponsors, and more than 100 participants to make it happen...

ISPE Belgium recently established a new local SIG on "Pharma4.0@work"

ISPE Belgium recently established a new local SIG on “Pharma 4.0 @work”, covering the current Industry 4.0. challenges in Pharma. Given the fact that Automation and Industry 4.0 are “converging”,  the board of ISPE Belgium decided to transform the former SIG Automation into this new SIG. Jacques Godelaine from GSK  and board member of ISPE Belgium,  is leading the ISPE Belgium SIG Pharma 4.0. @work.

Interest to join the monthly after-work roundtable discussions of this new SIG?  
More info and contact details: