Belgium Affiliate Communities of Practices/Special Interest Groups

If you are interested in joining, please contact the CoP or SIG delegate listed below for more information.

Communities of Practice (CoPs)


GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Processes)  Benelux

GAMP Benelux CoP organizes events (presentations, round table discussions, workshops) in Belgium and Netherlands for professionals from the life-science industry about hot topics in Computerized Systems Life Cycle and e-Data Life Cycle.

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Tom De Rudder

Project Management Benelux

The Project Management COP is a dynamic forum for professionals working within the Life Sciences Industry in the Benelux, who have an active interest in sharing knowledge and experience in the area of project management by creating a body of knowledge that stimulates to deliver projects effectively and efficiently.

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Kamil Mroz (UCB)

Commissioning & Qualification & Validation Benelux

ISPE Benelux C&Q&V COP focuses on experience and knowledge sharing related to commissioning, qualification and validation of regulated facilities, processes and systems used for in life sciences and promote the understanding of the regulatory requirements governing the delivery and use of these facilities, systems and processes.

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Tim Vertongen (Trevalco)


Special Interest Group (SIGs)


Operational Excellence

It’s the goal of this Special Interest Group to bring professionals together with a common interest in Operational Excellence, lean and 6σ concepts and solutions.

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Denis Fabris

Ludovic Ferzi

Fréderic Henry

Product & Technology Transfer

Product & Technology transfer is getting increasingly important in today’s Pharmaceutical environment. The Technology Transfer Special Interest Group will organize sessions on Technology Transfer related topics. The goal is: sharing ideas, opinions and experiences with peers; Knowledge Transfer between industry professionals; provide networking opportunities.

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Katrien Janssens (QbD)

Ubrik Janses (Pfizer)

Pharma 4.0 @work

ISPE Belgium Affiliate SIG Pharma 4.0 @work wants to focus on sharing ideas, opinions and experiences of current business practices related to topics like Digital Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, MES connectivity, etc. This local SIG group can be connected with Global SIG Pharma 4.0 group to explore ISPE Pharma 4.0 "Plug and Produce" functionalities and challenges. 

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Jacques Godelaine (GSK)