ISPE Global Forum Explores What's Next for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities of the Future

ISPE announced experts from leading pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations and agencies, including BioNTech, Catalent Pharma Solutions, CDER/FDA, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Merck, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, and The White House, will convene for the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference. Taking place on 1–2 February in North Bethesda, Maryland, leaders will share insights and lead panel discussions on the impact of COVID-19 and applications of future manufacturing operations and the facilities required to produce products that are safe, cost-effective, and meet the needs of patients.

Speed to market is often a primary consideration for most innovative products in the pharmaceutical portfolios for most companies, and the pandemic has placed additional emphasis on speed to market. Therefore, facility design, flexibility, and project execution approaches that enable speed to market while following regulatory standards will be explored.

“This unique global forum brings together industry leaders, experts and peers to share how they collaborated during a global crisis—something that had been very uncommon prior to the COVID era,” said Jeffrey Biskup, PE, CEO and Chairman of the Board, CRB, and Chair of the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference. “Speakers will share examples of corporate collaborations, lessons learned, and how COVID motivated relationship changes in pharmaceutical manufacturing of the future. This event is a great opportunity to hear these companies tell their stories, share learnings and describe how relationships with competitors and peers have changed long term.”

Featured Speakers:

John Chiminski
Chair & CEO
Catalent Pharma Solutions
Rick Friedman
Deputy Director, Office of Manufacturing Quality
Joydeep Ganguly
Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations
Gilead Sciences Inc
Matthew Hepburn, M.D.
Senior Advisor To the OSTP Director on Pandemic Prevention
U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President
Lou W. Kennedy
CEO and Owner
Nephron Pharmaceuticals
Oliver Hennig, PhD
Senior Vice President Operations
BioNTech SE
James Stephanou
VP Global Engineering Solutions

Featuring technical presentations from regulatory authorities and industry leaders already planning and building “facilities of the future,” the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference will explore other topics such as the of patient-specific cell and gene therapy facilities, new developments in the use of artificial intelligence, and innovations in treatment and the transforming technologies that produce them.

To ensure this experience is accessible to all, this will be a hybrid event with virtual components—delivering thought-provoking learning and global networking opportunities whether attendees choose to join us in-person or virtually.

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