Joydeep Ganguly

Biogen Idec
PAT Manager
Joydeep Ganguly is currently an Associate Director in the Manufacturing Sciences group at Biogen Idec, located at Research Triangle Park, NC. He has been an active participant in the overall PAT initiative for the past five years in industry. Prior to his current role, Ganguly lead the overall PAT effort for Talecris Biotherapeutics (formerly Bayer Biological Products Corporation) in Clayton, NC. His areas of expertise include statistical process control, automation, and data analysis methodologies for biological processes. He has previously presented and published papers in the areas of PAT implementation for the biotechnology industry, fault tolerant control systems, dependable networks and automation concepts for chromatography systems. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, a BS degree in electrical engineering from India, and is an MBA degree from North Carolina State University.