Global regulators gain the most effective means for engaging industry in discussion about the latest technical innovations and current issues through ISPE.

The Society provides a welcoming and neutral environment for industry experts, regulators, technologists, consultants, and members of academia to exchange ideas and gain practical experience.

ISPE is led by individual Members, not companies, who are the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals working together to provide safe, effective, high quality medicines that directly benefit the patient.

Because ISPE does not engage in any lobbying activities and makes no attempt to influence regulations, the Society can play a vital role in assembling experts from its multiple disciplines to design, debate and publicize more effective processes and standards for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

More than 700 regulatory authority/government employees around the world
are members of ISPE

How Regulators Can Get Involved

  • Participate. Regulators are encouraged to participate in ISPE volunteer groups who are dedicated to leading scientific and technical advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. Engage in open, nonbinding, neutral dialogue with industry on projects that ultimately improve results for patients.
  • Join ISPE as a member: ISPE membership enables regulators to access ISPE’s members-only resources and activities.

Resources for Regulators

ISPE provides complimentary resources to global Regulators that enable them to stay current with the ways industry interprets GMPs, regulations, risk management, and quality systems.

Resources for all regulators:

Resources for regulator members of ISPE:

ISPE Membership for Global Regulators/Government Employee

ISPE offers two membership options for regulatory authority/government employees:  complimentary membership OR regulatory authority/government employees who are not permitted to receive a complimentary membership view regulatory authority/government membership pricing.

Benefits of an ISPE Membership for Regulators:

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