Global regulators gain the most effective means for engaging industry in discussion about the latest technical innovations and current issues through ISPE.

The Society provides a welcoming and neutral environment for industry experts, regulators, technologists, consultants, and members of academia to exchange ideas and gain practical experience. ISPE is led by individual Members, not companies, who are the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals working together to provide safe, effective, high-quality medicines that directly benefit the patient.

Because ISPE does not engage in any lobbying activities, the Society plays a vital role in assembling experts from its multiple disciplines to design, debate and publicize effective approaches for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

Benefits for Regulators:

  • Engaging in open, nonbinding, discussions with industry about the latest technical innovations and advancements,
  • Access to publications and other resources that enable them to stay current with the ways industry interprets GMPs, regulations, risk management, and quality systems,
  • Complimentary or reduced-price registration to ISPE conferences,
  • Local connection: ISPE’s 40 affiliates and chapters around the world offer programs in the local language and provide opportunities that keep them abreast of the latest issues in the industry on a regional level.
  • Network with other global regulators at ISPE events.

ISPE Membership for Regulators:

ISPE offers two membership options for regulatory authority/government employees:  complimentary membership OR regulatory authority/government employees who are not permitted to receive a complimentary membership.


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