Application of 3D Printing Technology in Dosage Form Design and Drug Delivery

As 3D printing technology is becoming more accessible to pharmaceutical scientists and the first 3D printed drug product was approved by FDA in Aug 2015, using 3D printing technology to develop pharmaceutical products has gained significant interests in pharmaceutical industry and academia. Pharmaceutical application of 3D printing has two potential directions to bring the pharmaceutical product development to uncharted areas, one is the manufacturing of drug delivery systems with sophisticated structures and the other one is personalized medicine. While application of 3D printing technology to produce pharmaceutical products involves many areas including materials sciences, building specialized 3D printers and so on, the design of dosage forms that will take the advantages of the 3D printing technology is pivotal in the application of 3D printing technology for pharmaceutical product development. In this online symposium, the presentations will focus on the design of dosage forms that will be fabricated using 3D printers to achieve control release of pharmaceutical agents. The speakers will provide the theoretical aspects of design and the fabrication technology to realize the designs as well as material sciences aspect of constructing such system.


  • Xiaoling Li, PhD, Professor - Associate Dean, University of the Pacific, USA
  • Jaedeok Yoo, PhD, Advanced Automation Researcher, GlaxoSmithKline, USA

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