Online Training FAQs

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Online Training Courses

  • Are the courses offered in multiple languages?
    All ISPE courses are offered in English.
  • What do I need to do before I start my online course?
    Make sure your computer or device has met the system requirements, which includes speakers/headset and high-speed Internet.
  • Can I sample an ISPE Online Training Course?
    Yes, ISPE offers a demo course that you can take at no cost. View a demo course. 
  • If I have questions or technical problems, whom do I contact?
    If you are having technical issues, first view eLearning Technical FAQ. If you still require assistance, contact our Member Services department during regular business hours [Monday through Friday, 08.00 to 17.00 EST] at +1-813-960-2105 or by emailing
  • After I purchase my course, when and how soon can I start?
    You may start as soon as you complete the purchase. The confirmation page you see when you complete the purchase includes a link, at the bottom of the page that will take you to your Dashboard.
  • I have already purchased my course, how and where do I access it?
    Every course that you register for will be kept in your ISPE Dashboard. To login to your dashboard, go to and click "login to Dashboard".
  • How many hours will it take to complete my course?
    All of our courses are self-paced and can be completed as your schedule permits. Each course varies in the length and volume of content. Depending on your knowledge level, shorter courses will take approximately one or two hours to complete, and some longer courses will take 1 or 2 days to complete.
  • How long do I have to view/complete the course?
    Each course length will vary, and that will determine how long you have access to the course. Upon registering, you will see the course start date and end date in your Dashboard. Time extensions will be given under special circumstances.
  • How are the courses structured?
    All ISPE courses are designed to be informative and interactive and are presented in a logical, sequential order. Many online training courses have pre-assessments that you can take before you begin the course. This will serve as a measurement for your level of understanding before and after you complete the course. The courses are structured in learning objectives or lessons, and some of the larger courses have modules.

    You will also see knowledge check questions throughout each course that will test your understanding of each learning goal and provide you with a final course score. This score will determine your eligibility to receive ISPE CEUs. Each course will contain various resources such as learning guides, handouts and resource links to support your learning. Upon completion of the course you will be asked to complete a course survey. Completion with honest feedback will help us continue to grow and develop new eLearning initiatives.
  • Will I receive CEUs for my course?
    ISPE CEUs will be provided to each paid attendee who has met the overall course score of 80%. If you are not able to access and print your certificate containing your CEUs after completion of the course, please email and provide your name, the course name, the date you attended, and the email address you used to register.
  • After I complete the course, how will I get my certificate of completion for my records?
    As soon as you complete your course, you will see your course listed in your learning history section on your Dashboard. In this section, you will see the status of your course as “completed” and a “printer” icon. If you have met the minimum requirement of 80%, you will be able to print your certification by clicking this icon.
  • What if I do not get a final score of 80%, will I be able to retake the course?
    Yes, for courses with designated modules you will be given a retake opportunity if you do not meet the minimum requirement of 80% per module.
  • What is the online course cancellation policy?
    Cancellations must be made in writing. If cancellations are received within three business days from your purchase date and you have not started the course, you will receive a full refund, minus $100 handling fee. After that time, no refunds will be granted. If you are unable to attend, we will accept a substitution. Substitutions must be made at least 24 hours after the cancellation notice. In addition, ISPE nonmembers substituting for ISPE members must pay the difference in fees prior to the start of the course. This policy only applies to online courses that are independent of related courses. Certain other restrictions apply. Please contact ISPE at for specific details.

Webinar FAQ

Technical FAQ

  • My computer crashed. Will I be able to get back to my session and not have to start over?
    As soon as you are able to restart your computer, log back into and go to your Dashboard. You will see your course/webinar showing as "in progress." When clicking back into the course/webinar, you will be directed to the spot where you had left.
  • My online course will not run. What do I do?
    • Test your computer for Flash and Java. If you do not have the latest versions, the links below will tell you how to download them.
      • Test for Flash
      • Test for existence and version of Java
    • Ensure Javascript is Enabled. Java is a scripting language that works with your browser to create interactive elements in web pages. It is important to make sure it is enabled in your web browser. To do so, follow these Instructions:
      • Internet Explorer - In the Tools menu > Select manage add-ons > Choose the add-on > Select enable.
      • Firefox - In the Tools menu > Elect add-ons > Select plugins> Choose add-on > Select enable.
      • Chrome - Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar > Select tools > Select extensions.
      • Safari - Open Safari dropdown menu > Select help > Select Installed Plug-ins > Choose the add-on > Enable.
    • Make sure that your pop-up blockers are disabled (they are often the source for users’s difficulty in playing course content). Learn to disable your pop-up blocker.
  • What if there is a delay between clicking on the course link and the course running?
    The speed the course runs at depends on the speed of your connection. There are also several support files that have to be downloaded before the course can run. There may also be a delay if the system requirements (link) are not met. Ensure you are using a device that is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection and Internet Explorer V8.0 or higher web browser.
  • I have installed the necessary add-ons and disabled my pop-up blocker, but I haven't been able to run the course. What should I do next?
    Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies (see below), then try again. If this doesn't work, then the Add-on may not have installed properly, and it could be an access rights issue. In this case, please contact our IT helpdesk at
  • How do I clear my browser's cache?
    • Internet Explorer - In the Tools menu > Internet Options > In the browsing history section > Select delete files.
    • Firefox - In the Tools menu > Select Options > In the Privacy section >Select clear your recent history > Cache or everything.
    • Chrome - Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar > Select tools > Select clear browsing data.
    • Safari - Open Safari dropdown menu > Select Reset Safari > Select reset.
  • What are cookies and how do I clear them?
    Cookies are files created by websites you've visited that store browsing information, such as your site preferences or profile information.
    • Internet Explorer - In the Tools menu > Internet Options> In the privacy section > Select clear sites.
    • Firefox - In the Tools menu > Select Options > In the Privacy section >Select clear your recent history > Cookies.
    • Chrome - Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar > Select settings > Select show advanced settings > In the privacy section > Select delete cookies.
    • Safari - Open Safari dropdown menu > Select Reset Safari > Select reset.
  • I have tried everything above, and I am still having difficulty launching the course. What should I do?
    Try using a different web browser. If possible, try using a different computer. If you are having difficulty playing a course while on a corporate/work network, you may wish to try playing the course from home.