Accelerating Innovation for Traditional & Novel Therapeutics Manufacturing

The complexity of the current industry structure has held back innovation, with many biomanufacturers trying to develop new technology in isolation, whilst industry supply partners often guess common industry requirements prior to developing new technologies. Over the last two years, BioPhorum Operations Group's (BPOG's) technology road mapping collaboration has brought together 26 top companies, along with leading academics, to establish an industry technology strategy that is already starting to align the industry's innovation efforts. To reach this point, a strong steering committee was established with a shared vision of the future of biomanufacturing, responding to the market trends towards lower cost, higher quality, in-region manufacturing and flexible facilities. This shared vision triggered the mobilization of over 90 industry experts onto 6 teams focused on the key enabling technologies of in-line monitoring & real-time release, process technology, automation, modular & mobile manufacturing, knowledge management and supplier partnerships. Each team has now established detailed technology roadmaps which will be subsequently published to enable broad dissemination and a wider industry response. The first publication of the roadmap will be just the beginning, like every strategy it will be refreshed and updated regularly, also facilitating and tracking the industry's progress towards realizing its' future vision.

Interactive Course includes:

  • A downloadable presentation for note-taking.
  • Learning reviews/assessments highlighting important points.
  • Reference materials and links to regulatory information.
  • An online resource handout as a quick reference for all the web links discussed.

CEUs are provided once you achieve an 80% passing grade and complete the evaluation.


Monica Hueg

Managing Consultant, Compliance Consulting

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