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Clinical Trial Materials Training Course

Clinical Trial Materials: Applying Production, Quality Assurance and Packaging Processes (T13)


CTM Managers continue to play a critical role in a company’s ability to efficiently bring life-saving products to market. Unfortunately, in today’s high-pressure and time sensitive research environment, CTM Managers frequently learn while focusing on the specific requirements of an assigned trial, with less priority being given to the critical need for solid training in all aspects of CTM management.

In this online course, you will receive a thorough overview of the clinical supply chain from beginning to end, including: designing appropriate packaging and labeling to match the study design, creating a plan of action to prepare the CTM and how to implement the plan and troubleshoot. The course will also cover the logistics of distribution of the CTM to the clinical sites globally. Important tools, such as outsourcing vendors for packaging and labeling and Interactive Response Technology will be covered to ensure familiarity with all the necessary concepts. After taking this course, you will be better prepared to manage every aspect of CTM for your clinical trials!

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What You Will Learn

  • Different roles of the Clinical Team and how they interact with the CTM group
  • Cover current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and how they are implemented in the packaging process
  • Dictionary of terms used in the CTM industry and how they apply to our daily business

Resources and Activities

Good Practice Guide: Booklet Labels

Course Modules

  • CTM Management - then, now and looking forward
  • Stages of Drug Development
  • Approaches to CTM Project Management
  • Protocol Interpretation and package design
  • Project Planning
  • Clinical Manufacturing & Comparator Procurement
  • Labels
  • Randomization
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Logistics and Clinical Supply Chain Management – including managing returns and accountability
  • Interactive Response Technology (IRT) – design and practical application
  • Approaches to Project Management
  • Preparing for GMP and GCP Inspections
  • CTM Definitions and References

Who Should Attend

  • Pharmaceutical professionals new to the CTM area who are involved in the manufacture, review, packaging and labeling of clinical trial materials
  • Note to Clinical Supply Chain Managers and Supervisors: This is an excellent way to document general training for employees in the areas of cGMPs and CTM operations

Additional Course Details

Learning Objectives:

  • Translating a clinical study protocol to define CTM supply requirements
  • Understand and apply documentation, cGMPs, and regulatory considerations specifically affecting CTM
  • Know how to prepare a project plan for all major steps in CTM production – manufacturing, packaging, labeling and distribution
  • Identify the roles of the project team and how CTM interacts with each one
  • Ability to apply real-life case studies to your own projects

Daily Schedule and Pricing

This course is not currently scheduled, but may be offered at your company site. Please contact ISPE for more information