2020 ISPE Chicago In-Depth Pharma Training

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Gain solutions to your company's immediate goals to lower production costs, improve process efficiency, increase production quality and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Real World Practice:  Courses present exercises that use current problems and situations common to the industry.
  • Experienced Instructors:  Subject matter experts and top leaders in the pharmaceutical industry who have years of experience in their field of study.
  • Global Training to Fit Your Needs:  With classroom, eLearning and onsite training options available, ISPE training courses adapt to any schedule or location.   

Basic Principles of Computerized Systems Compliance using GAMP 5, Including Revised Annex 11 & Part 11 update
19 - 20 May 2020

This two or three-day fundamental course introduces participants to regulatory requirements for computerized systems in the pharmaceutical industry and explores tried, tested, and internationally recognized methods of meeting those requirements. GAMP® guidance provides a pragmatic and effective framework for achieving computerized systems that are fit for intended use and meet current regulatory requirements. Please click the "Locations and Registrations" table to select the two or three-day sessions.

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Michael Byrd
Former Director of CVS and CTO for ProPharma Group
ProPharma Group

Mike Byrd, the former director of Computer System Validation (CSV) for ProPharma Group has over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and over 30 years of information systems experience. Mike has developed, implemented, administered, and validated a wide variety of computer-based solutions supporting critical regulated business processes. He has held numerous individual contributor and management roles in his career, many of which have involved forming and managing cross-functional system project teams.

Facility Project Management 
19 - 20 May 2020

This classroom course aims to deliver more than the usual project basics and will develop the concept of the project lifecycle from initiation through to delivery of business benefits, providing tools to manage all project resources. It is specifically targeted to the needs of facility projects within the regulated pharmaceutical industry and demonstrates the value inherent in the use of “good practice” project management in the regulated pharmaceutical environment. Trends in regulatory compliance, environmental, health and safety legislation, project delivery methodologies and product speed to market expectations all impact how pharmaceutical facility projects are managed.

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William J. Deckert
Principal Consultant - OPM

William Deckert is the Business Area Leader for OPM (Owner's Project Manager) Services for CAI (Commissioning Agents Inc.) an employee owned consulting firm specializing in helping clients complete their projects in a more timely manner and get their new products to market quicker. He has over 30 years of design/build experience with clean compliant research and manufacturing facilities worldwide. He has managed engineering and construction projects from concept all the way through to validation, with project sizes up to $500mm.

Practical Implementation of Process Validation Lifecycle Approach
18 - 20 May 2020

Lifecycle Process Validation (PV) remains one of the most important and commonly misunderstood topics in the pharmaceutical industry.  How many lots should I make?  Are we taking enough samples?  Do we need to use statistics in our protocols?  The real question may be: am I even focusing on the right questions? Course participants will focus on the practical application of the lifecycle approach to all stages of PV to gain valuable knowledge and insight on the regulations, guidance, and best practices currently utilized across the industry. 

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Tara Scherder
SynoloStats, LLC

Tara Scherder has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries as a statistician, process engineer, and master black belt. She has functioned as both an in-house and external statistical consultant to drug substance and drug product teams across the product lifecycle for the spectrum of product platforms. She frequently speaks at industry forums and publishes on the practical incorporation of statistical methods for Lifecycle Process Validation.

Shawn R. Gould
Director, Compliance
Johnson & Johnson

Shawn Gould is Director of Compliance with Johnson & Johnson’s Regulatory Compliance group. He currently holds responsibilities in the Pharma Segment overseeing compliance issues regarding large molecule products as well as serving on Proactive Compliance and PV Lifecycle Implementation teams. Shawn also served in the US Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Compliance where he worked on the pre-approval process for new and generic drugs with special emphasis on applications involving QbD and PAT concepts. He also served on FDA working groups relating to Quality Systems, the PAI process, Strategic Planning, and Lean Operations within the agency.

Aseptic Processing & Annex 1
19 - 20 May 2020

Driven by biopharmaceuticals but also prominent in small molecules drug manufacturing as well as for APIs, aseptic processing will undergo a technology jump start driven by the new EC GMP Guide Annex 1. Globally supplying companies, which deliver drugs to Europe, must comply with this new regulatory requirement. There is an impact for all stakeholders of manufacturing, across hierarchy levels and various functions at manufacturers. Also, suppliers have to consider Annex 1 when supplying new equipment or installing new production facilities. This 2-day course will focus on aseptic processing and quality management around the most important pharmaceutical technology.

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Jason S. Collins, AIA
Director, Process Architecture
Jason Collins is a process architect who develops concepts of pharmaceutical facilities for various clients around the world. He focuses on Advanced Aseptic Facility Design and is well-known for his knowledge of barrier and isolation technology. He has conceptualized and led the final design and construction services for numerous cutting-edge biopharmaceutical facilities around the world. As Director of Process Architecture at IPS, Jason’s focus is on designing integrated facilities that support manufacturing and operational processes. His designs lead to world class facilities that not only produce product, but can be maintained and operated efficiently and safely.

Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities:  Applying the ISPE Baseline Guide and FDA Guidance Principles to Design and Operation
19 - 20 May 2020

This classroom course uses the second edition of the ISPE Baseline® Guide: Sterile Product Manufacturing Facilities and the FDA's Guidance for Industry: Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing - Current Good Manufacturing Practice to provide an understanding of the key requirements and GMPs for sterile manufacturing facilities. The Guide provides valuable information on design, while the USFDA's Guidance helps professionals understand the regulatory context and expectations for sterile drug manufacturing.

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Christa B. Myers
Pharmaceutical Market Director

Christa Myers has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. Christa is a well-recognized speaker at conferences and is frequently on-stage teaching others about regulatory requirements, operational issues, and what to expect in the future of the industry. Christa champions approaches that integrate strong project execution and technical solutions. Christa is on the Steering Committee for the ISPE Community of Practice for Sterile Products Processing, a certified ISPE Instructor of the Sterile Product Processing Baseline guide, the 2019 Chair of ISPE’s Women in Pharma group, as well as an author of the most recent ISPE Sterile Processing Baseline Guide.