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GAMP Data Integrity 21 CFR Part 11

10 - 12 Sept

Data integrity is currently one of the highest cited areas in regulatory observations and a topic of great interest within the industry and for regulatory agencies that are re-evaluating industry guidance and their enforcement strategies. This course will cover data integrity, electronic records and signatures, and the compliant operation of GxP Computerized Systems to provide the tools and techniques to implement proper controls for data to ensure the integrity and validity of the information throughout the data lifecycle.

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Risk-Based Verification of Facilities, Systems and Equipment Workshop

13 - 14 Sept

This interactive course will provide tools on how to implement a sustainable approach to a risk-based C&Q program, integrate the new C&Q program into existing quality systems, Quality Assurance and Engineering Management Systems and define organizational capabilities to support the new C&Q program. Through interactive workshops participants will more fully understand and apply the principles of ASTM E2500-07 and ICH documents (Q8(R2), Q9, and Q10) to the documented verification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities, systems and equipment that are suitable for their intended purpose. Templates will be developed to facilitate the translation of the scientific knowledge about the product and process into documented specification, design, and verification of facilities, systems, and equipment.

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Cleaning Validation Principles

17 - 18 Sept

With the USFDA's risk-based regulatory initiatives focusing new attention on the risks of cross-contamination, understanding lifecycle management techniques for an effective cleaning validation program is paramount. Course topics include: risk-based approach to cleaning development and verification; risk analysis, control, review and communication ; procedures and evaluation tools including FMEA/FEMCA; master planning; PAT; periodic assessment and monitoring; selection of analytical and sampling methods; determination of residues to be targeted and appropriate limits in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes, and establishment of scientific rationales acceptable to regulatory inspectors. For mature cleaning validation programs, concepts such as understanding process control, capability, learning to effectively self-audit a cleaning validation program and documentation will be essential takeaways.

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Practical Implementation of Process Validation Lifecycle Approach

19 - 21 Sept

This 3-day course will define the requirements for preparation, planning and execution of Validation/Process Validation and how to maintain a state of control. It explores the 3 Stages of the validation product lifecycle, including Process Design, Equipment and Utility Qualification, establishing and implementing Process Performance Qualification (U.S.) or Process Validation (Europe) requirements, and putting in place an Ongoing/Continued Process Verification program. The course is applicable to all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry - small and large molecules, innovators and generics. The content comprises a blend of presentation of concepts and details, followed by related practice application scenarios/exercises.

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GAMP 5, Annex 11/Part 11 Basic Principles

24 - 26 Sept

This three-day course introduces participants to regulatory requirements for computerized systems in the pharmaceutical industry and explores tried, tested, and internationally recognized methods of meeting those requirements. GAMP guidance provides a pragmatic and effective framework for achieving computerized systems that are fit for intended use and meet current regulatory requirements. This course includes the revised EU GMP Annex 11 and an update on 21 CFR Part 11.

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