Facilities of the Future: Meeting the Demands of Breakthrough Therapeutics

10 May, 2024

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities need to evolve to satisfy growing demands, as breakthrough therapeutics approach commercialization. The pharmaceutical industry can enhance efficiency, flexibility, and product quality, by systematically integrating innovative equipment. This will ultimately provide patients with faster and more economical access to pioneering therapies.

An article by Scott Billman, Vice President of Global Engineering, Real Estate, and Facilities, Solventum, and International Board Chair, ISPE, highlights several advanced features and technologies driving the advancement of pharmaceutical manufacturing. These include heightened flexibility and smaller batch sizes through single-use technology, increased product integrity and flexibility with closed systems, and quality with less waste through process analytical technology. Billman notes that recent ISPE Facility of the Year Award category finalists and winners are contributing to ongoing innovation in many of the aforementioned areas.

Vice President of Global Engineering, Real Estate, and Facilities

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