Improved Process Performance through Implementation of Rapid Microbiological Detection Methods Webinar

Learning Level: Basic/Intermediate

Hold times caused by micro QC test have a significant impact on the manufacturing cycle. Many companies try to overcome this bottle neck by choosing a “continue at risk” approach because for a long time this was the only option that was available. Due to the advent of more advance micro QC test methods, manufacturers do not need to accept the risk anymore as shorter time to result makes results available which allow for data driven decisions. Based on selected applications which not only focus on product testing, but more holistically on micro QC testing along the manufacturing process, opportunities for enhanced contamination control and sterility assurance will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to assess the impact of micro QC hold times on the manufacturing cycle 
  2. How to quantify the value of more rapid micro QC results 
  3. How to identify potential applications for advanced microbiological detection methods 
microbiological detection



Ulrich Herber
Director of Technology & Market Development
Charles River