Digital Display Labeling in Clinical Trial Supply Chains

Learning Level: Basic
Time: 1000 - 1100 ET 
Session Length: 1 hour

The purpose of this presentation is to present the content of the article of the same topic featured in ISPE PE magazine in the March / April 2024 edition. The speakers will cover the high level content of the article, discussing some of the areas in more detail and will then give the opportunity for questions relating to the article to be addressed and discussed.

Opportunity: To share in presentation format the content of the article relating to Digital Display Labels featured in the Mar/Apr 24 edition of PE magazine.

Content: The content will be that shared in the magazine article, with the opportunity to address any questions and focus in on relevant areas of interest.

Key Takeaways: Key takeaways for the audience include education and awareness on the innovation topic.

Key takeaways for the speakers and ISPE COP are to gauge interest from the audience to further develop the topic via ISPE task team to support the acceptance and use of the technology within the Pharmaceutical industry and within Clinical Supply chains.

Learning Objectives

  1. Awareness of the innovative technology of Digital Display Labels and an insight into how this technology could be used to bring benefits to patients, Clinical Trial Personnel, Health Authorities and Sponsors.
  2. An understanding of the challenges that may be faced in the introduction of the Digital Display Label Technology and a discussion on how these challenges might be overcome by collaborating within the industry.
  3. An idea of the next steps that will be taken by the CSLF team in this area and an opportunity for participants to understand how they might learn more and engage more in this topic to support the development, acceptance and use of the technology within the industry.

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Timothy Hajj
Associate Director, Import/Export Compliance and Regulatory Innovation
Martina Marauli
Director, Clinical Supply Innovation/MRL
MSD International Business GmbH
Rachel Owen
Director, GCSC Capability & Technology
Kristel Rens
Director of Strategy and Innovation
J&J Innovative Medicine