Design, Install & Maintain a Pharmaceutical Compressed Air System

Learning Level: Intermediate
Time: 1100 - 1200 ET 
Session Length: 1 hour

Introduce air compressor technologies and compressed air treatment systems required to meet national and international standards (ASTM, ISO, etc.) for “Clean, Dry Air” applied in pharmaceutical industries. We will cover system design and layout for proper control of system subcomponents, factors in optimizing electrical energy efficiency and maintenance best practices desired to meet quality standards over time. 

Learning Objective

Participant will gain an introductory understanding of air compressor, storage and treatment technologies required to meet ASTM & ISO Standards for pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, participant will take away rules of thumb for size and installation techniques of system piping and other demand-side components; desired location of control, measurement and verification points and other tips and tricks required when installing, commissioning and maintaining a CDA system.

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Sponsored by: Rogers Machinery


Bryan Jensen
Engineered System Solutions Manager
Rogers Machinery Company